Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I am Absent Minded! Hear Me Squeal!

I kept forgetting things lately. Not to mention my wallet a few days ago. Today I seems to hit a combo. I'm posting this today while I still CAN REMEMBER! As I have forgotten a few post able misfit incident earlier.

1. Reach work area, phone out of battery, left it charging and happily doing round, felt happy that there was nobody calling.

2. Went for authority submission. Reach car noticed didn't change my slippers to shoe, walk back to change.

3. Reach authority place, pass the item, want to call the person relevant. Didn't call cause think I left the phone in car. Later only noticed it is in my other shirt pocket.

4. Went to another authority for discussion. After finish, walk down the 3rd floor, told an old man climbing the stairs that it's good for exercise, reach car. Bag is still on 3rd floor. Climb back 3rd floor to get bag. Karma sucks!

5. Reach site office, no calls cause phone is forgotten in car.

6. Went to a factory discussion. Simple glance seems that I have left my bag in car. So walk to car empty handed. Reach car noticed didn't change my slippers to shoe, walk back to change. Reach back car glance saw a bag in the back of the car.

7. Reach factory, realised the bag is ANOTHER BAG! STUPID!!! EMPTHY HANDED MEETING!

8. After discussion went back site office, head out to main office. Again the shoe thingy.

9. Reach office, come down from car, after 10sec walk back to get phone.

10. Start PC, discuss stuff with others, search around for my thumbdrive, finally found it ALREADY connected to the PC.

Yeah, item 10 just happen. Hope no 11th today T_T


eddy said...

sounds like a disastrous day... make a wish that tomorrow will be a better day :)

aLittleMisfit said...

think got Alzheimer or parkinson or something!

eddy said...

nolah.... lack of vitamin M only. LOL XD