Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Have the Craziest Dream

I have the crazies of dream a few week back. If people says that the dream is the "balance" of your day imagination or thoughts, then I would have one hell of a mind.

I dream that someone I'm very fond of is back with her ex. OK, still reasonable dream.

Then she proceed doing kinky things with her ex. OOoooOOoooo

She just look at me, sort of like wanting to make me jealous. Errrrr......

Then my father came along, the scenario changes to my parents house. Wait.. this is starting to get weird.

She talked to my father, asking where can she find a nice beach nearby with plenty of fishes. I can't guess where this will be heading at all.

After receiving some directions, she answer that she wants to have kinky sex in the sea with plenty of fishes, as stimulant. WTFARkKKKKKKKKKK!?!?!!?!?

And finally, my father answers : "So good, you couple just know how to keep things going." I pengsan!

And to add worst of the dream, the is no nudity seen, how the hell are do they doing their kinky stuff without me seeing any nudity! This dream really makes me feel bad.

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