Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Misfit the Presenter

* I story that should be published last year, didn't manage to cause I can't get hold of photos and my alheimer *

It was sometimes late last year that I was forced to do some site presentation/guide on airport site due to the inavailablity of the maincon higher management.

It was a study tour by The Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia. But by the namecards that I receive or introduction, there were students, lovebirds, turf club building exec, etc etc...

After powerpoint briefing by unsuitable personal at office conference room, we proceed to bring them onsite for briefing and tour, those original fuckers never went into site. So, it's up to me alone to tell then what is what on site.

After the whole ordeal is over, and the tourist returned happy. Some site colleague asked how did the presentation go. I replied.


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