Friday, March 13, 2009

I've Changed Status

I've changed my status. From Single But Unavailable to Married But Available

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Wedding Photoshot Debacle

As I'm getting hitched, it is normal for a man to be dragged till the very end of earth, just for some mushy photoshot. If only it could just take my face photo and photoshop-ed it into ready made model pictures I'm all set, but sadly that is always not the case.

Well, the bridal studio is near my soon to be sister-in-law's house. So we packed up in the weekend and just headed over.

Day 1. Choose Package, Clothes.

Well, though it's not as well as I HOPED it would be as we've been scouting around and most suck, so, this one is still acceptable.

Day 2. Photoshot Day.

Due to the rushing on day 1 and lack of proper lighting, I've packed different color socks, and dark blue long pants instead of black. The groom have to wear black, it's spelled doom.

On the clothes, I have no complain on the brides wear... well.. maybe a little. But for male, whoooaaa.... with all those ribbon-ribbon shirt..... it lookes real sissy, I'd say... NO WAYYYY!!!!!! Alpha Male anytime, sissy idol model type..... NEVER!

Ok, back to the clothing, he photographer assistant handed me a very ribbon shirt, sort of the french courtesan type. The in-law and bride says "OK! Nice!"

I goes (hand gesturing falling object) "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Just when they start defending their taste, I held up my hand and stopped them, and "POOOOFFFFFFF" I make sign of explosion from falling object.

Its plenty of first for me, first time wear make up ( F you wedding photo), first time cut hair time have front forehead shaved, first time I have to wear spec ( F you karma). 

The whole day was a bit rushed, and I really find it darn hard to smile so much, it's just not natural for me.

I thought I kinda looked like Sanji though

Just minus the tie, minus the blond hair, minus the ciggy, fatter, balder, less smart, less good looking, and there you have me.

Day 3. Choose photo

Ok la, still acceptable except they like to make pictures glow and blurs... I really hate that.

I did show some pic that we took using our phone to friends. One friend, Cet answers was really unexpected. She said "How come your hair is so little now!" T_T

And if you guys think I'm gonna post my photo online... you gotta be kidding me.

* note... edit for readability