Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of Month Dilemma

In my wallet..... less than $10   T_T

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trial Operation Batu Berendam Airport

Part of my miserable state was contributed by the work project that I'm in right now. So when it reaches the period of handover (with still includes billions of defects in the list). I was generally happy. Though a few days more, this is the trial airport operation exercise which we was forced upon as fake users.

The look inside main terminal building with fake traveller and real airport operators.

Me with my fake Malaccan passport

Checkin in with a bad hairday

After checking in, the buddled us into the airside parking area, sort of like fake arrival from airplane. We were like sheeps huddles into an open area. Oh yeah, I was subjected to strict check coming into departure area. I felt molested :(
On departure immigration, they asked, "Pak nak balik kampung ye?"
I was like, WTF?! Do I looked Indon? Later he clarified he was just play acting -_-"

Fake Luggage, using fake car.

The vultures, I mean the health people hoping we die with SARS.

The cleared out the duty free area. Damn fuck, never even bother with fake liquor at all. This makes this exercise like simulate a firedrill, but without the water, or firehose, just headless people running around pretending with water bomb.

And finally, on arrival, they still give me very very strict test, I have to go through the x-ray machine to proved I am NOT a cyborg.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just when I was in debts, and during important work period on the project I'm based upon, my company decided to gift us Trips.

TO BALI! Just after my honeymoon trip there....... Damnit...

Should I go? Will I be shoot by debtors after I touched down from Bali then? Why choose this date? The company hates me! They purposely choose this date! Everybody hates Misfit T_T

Monday, April 20, 2009


My cousin cause of death is not suicide, seems heart failure or sudden death as clarified by autopsy. But does it make it better? Nope, he's still dead.

On the other note in my life, things are getting bad, both work and life. Ill for a pass few days. Few debtors are breathing down my neck. ARRRrrrGGGGHHH!!!!!

Well, on the hour of darkness, I choose to profess my love


even though they lost the FA Semi's... sigh...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, prior to the wedding, I should mostly post about my misfit little wedding, but yet, I'm not going to highlight it... things just happen that doesn't make me feel like posting it.

In the wedding, my as long as I can remember bed-ridden grandmother passed away.

A few days before it, an aunt met an accident.

During wedding day, few old friends action cause them to engage some quarrel online <-- this is a small matter :)

Lastly, a cousin just passed away, suspected suicide, the details are still blurry at this moment. This is just sad, as he seems happy and ok on my wedding. I felt so sorry to my aunt. I'm sorry that I have never make an afford to care more on my relatives after childhood. We just grew apart, and hearing he kept bumping into one trouble to another, I just stayed further... If only we care more..... I'm so sorry...