Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, prior to the wedding, I should mostly post about my misfit little wedding, but yet, I'm not going to highlight it... things just happen that doesn't make me feel like posting it.

In the wedding, my as long as I can remember bed-ridden grandmother passed away.

A few days before it, an aunt met an accident.

During wedding day, few old friends action cause them to engage some quarrel online <-- this is a small matter :)

Lastly, a cousin just passed away, suspected suicide, the details are still blurry at this moment. This is just sad, as he seems happy and ok on my wedding. I felt so sorry to my aunt. I'm sorry that I have never make an afford to care more on my relatives after childhood. We just grew apart, and hearing he kept bumping into one trouble to another, I just stayed further... If only we care more..... I'm so sorry...

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eddy said...

look at the bright side boss. sorry for the losses. appreciate the gain.