Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bali Godzilla Hunt - Part 1

Latest intel tells me that The Great One would be in Bali. Hence, I have my biggest hunt yet, and I nearly caught it. So intense is the hunt that I have to rush to Bali, TWICE.

First order of business upon reaching Bali, candlelight dinner in Jimbaran. Here, me and a few others relaxingly enjoyed our dinner and plan for the hunt.

After the dinner, my partner Horizon wanted to check out supplies in the island's shopping hub. Being bored shit and excited I just follow. An assumed 15 minutes travel turned into a 40 minutes run, and the tiring walk turned into a romantic stroll.

The journey back, we decided to wall along the beach under the moonlight. I held her hands, she held back. Her head leans toward me, lips parting, and she said to me...

"These things are heavy, please help me carry more"

The early next morning, we head out to visit the saggy stripe tits demon informer.

Godzilla was rumoured resting among the misty land

It even gives the added sense of mystery

The ancient gateway to the King of Monsters

Seeing the size of it, it does not really took too much afford to find it, but I was obstructed my this ugly gargoyle seducer.

Fortunately Horizon managed to distract the gargoyle enough to let me slip through.

Just when Godzilla wanted to leave, I suprised it with....

It mighty one was shocked, but let out a big roar!


No wonder the people here needed wooden penis, they're scared shitless.

But I was caught with a suprise too, I never expect a creature of such power to have underlings. I am outnumbered.

In this sense, my whole life flashed before me, I'm gonna miss my Pillow biscuit the most, I hope it is available in hell.

To be continued............

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