Thursday, May 21, 2009

Godzilla Hunt Bali - Part 2

But I am determined not to die, cornered,

I let my true self loose.

Don't mess with me when I'm on fire!

It was now running away, each of its giant step pulling itself further from me but I will not be dishearted.

I will swing

and climb just to get you

Godzilla pees and make the holes here

Along the way, Horizon and others could still managed to have their crazily long shopping detour. It seems the only was to have them moving again is after satisfiying their insanity shopping lust. It was finally over after 3 hours 27 minutes.... and 59 second.

Godzilla thinking it can leave without me catching up

It's so close, but I still felt I am the victor this time


Crusher said...

Walao... you really nuts...

Lunar said...

super cool!!!