Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day I Almost Died

It was raining exceptionally heavy yesterday morning. I was replying mail to my boss (and multitasking browser) when lighting sudden strike.

I saw spark not five feet away from me, it fried the PC I'm using, the monitor and the fax. After cursing the outage, I swapped the PC and exchanging the HDD as most of my working files are in the fried PC.

While changing HDD, a guy walked over and said,
"Hey, another few feet, and the one needed packing is you!"
"Yeah, it may be shitty to die!" I laughed it off.

The guy added, "Oh, the lighting fried out the router too, now none of us can online."

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Assist Not Available

As my earlier assistant resigned for greener pastures, theBoss delegate the task of choosing the next new staff to me.

As I am based on site, where we shared office with other companies, I resorted to ask for their advise.

1st advise: Don't get high achievers anymore, they won't last long here.
I snap it up.. backup up with my own reasoning, hokkien says.. GEH KIANG!

So, I took found one,

not good looking - safe
get cert, get diploma, then finally degree - should have very sound basic and understanding
older with longer studies - should be more mature
so-so result - less chance of jumping gun

After a few days, and few "tutoring" on how to "sketch" a simple cross-section, I think I have made the wrong choice. I mean, I was never a good student, good engineers but clear blur on simple things which I honestly think I will be able to do in school and an engineer can't, it's really saddening.

Another office sharer debunk my hire reasoning easily. Why take someone who will work long term if they are not any help to you. Ouch!

So, here I am, stealing some time from banging my head against this monitor while "teaching" why will the level reduce after a 1.5% gradual slope. I even tips for easy work, use a speadsheet.


If you can excuse me again, I need to continue banging my head.