Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day I Almost Died

It was raining exceptionally heavy yesterday morning. I was replying mail to my boss (and multitasking browser) when lighting sudden strike.

I saw spark not five feet away from me, it fried the PC I'm using, the monitor and the fax. After cursing the outage, I swapped the PC and exchanging the HDD as most of my working files are in the fried PC.

While changing HDD, a guy walked over and said,
"Hey, another few feet, and the one needed packing is you!"
"Yeah, it may be shitty to die!" I laughed it off.

The guy added, "Oh, the lighting fried out the router too, now none of us can online."


Crusher said...

congratulation.. you life another day...

eddy said...

oshiat... u r still alive @.@
jk :p dun online when thunder and lighting is fighting ler