Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Consequences of my Affair

My mind is failing me again

I took some great photos for a supposed new blog entry…. "Lets LOL at Stupid Tourist" in Malacca.

Since I was free during the weekend, I traveled around the tourist hotspot and saw the stupidity of them. I really took tons and tons of nice photos.
Upon reaching home, since the Missus is not around, I’m free… FFFREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I can have my affair… this

Without any nagging.

As I was retrieving the SDHC, there’s this a handful of my “affair” in my right fist, somehow…. SOMEHOW.. I took a munch out of the left fist….. I bitten the SDHC

Putting it into the pc. It state “CARD NOT FORMATED!”
Fuck… I lost all the photos.


Crusher said...

can you see the picture with your camera.. things happen... you can plug the cable direct to your camera to copy

Crusher said...

i've also got 1 incident like this because didn't format the card when put into the camera.. so next time format the card with the camera before using it.. and... last time is I erase the 1st and last picture then can copy liao.. but is with panasonic camera.. can try also

eddy said...

yeah... try with cable instead. or try to insert the card on another pc.

aLittleMisfit said...

later i will bite my camera... even worst!