Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say Goodbye To the Year, Decade

Well, year 2009 is about to end.... just two more hours to go... therefore I wouldn't rate my chance to fulfill this year's resolution highly.

Hmm.... let's see again... I think I should go slow this year, before aiming to rule the world... I should rule the continent first..... so, I have to find ways to earn more money.

Resolution 2010.... RULE THE ASIA PACIFIC!

Well, for 2010 wish.... I wish I can have my lost friend back :(
and of course... easier life, more money, more msg, more hair!

Oh yeah... It is actually a decade... let's see.. in the last decade, I was just stepping into the University..... wow.. how time flies.... in the last decade, I know so many new things, friends... sad things in the process.......... but overall, I still survived.

I hope the 10an is going to me mine Godzillastic Decade.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been Karma'ed!

"I think you should stop contacting me anymore. You should know what you did," read the sms I received from Jewel.

It was 1:40am when I read this, as I have put it in vibrate mode. I immediately replied asking clarification. No reply came.

Can't sleep thinking about it, I went online, tried to get hold of them. No reply came.

So back to bed... turning and tossing around.

Morning. Went to work grumpily. Called Jewel, no reply. SMS to Moon (the only person if any wrong I can think off). She said don't know.. making me an even bigger moron.

So, finally dem Jewel replied, scolding me for keep calling her. Ask me to read the next page of the sms.


I accidentally deleted it. She laugh happily.. Bitch!!! I'll get back 1 day. Perhaps it's karma to me for making fun of people. Oh yeah... this is my Zombie thinking mind now... fuck you karma

Monday, December 14, 2009


Ever get up and suddenly reality hit u like a heavyweight knock-out punch... straight in the teeth... repeatedly.

The life you visualize you wanted... which you keep telling yourself soon... on the way... one day I will be... WILL NEVER HAPPEN! You jumped up, go on with your routine life that you console yourself that it is for temporary, killing you everyday by just bearing with it.

Just before you jumped and say, "then make some changes". ITS TOOOO LATE!!!!! You have no energy left.... You're old, useless, non-achiever, lazy, unmotivated, bad tempered, hard headed, but luckily not gay.

And then you go on and on and on ranting while... Smiling.
Continue with this shit whole week long and see how will it treat you.

thinfish: fml ?
me: ?
thinfish: ur status
thinfish: FML ?
me: oo
me: oooo
thinkfish: wats tat
me: female licker
thinfish: liar

Ha! I don't think a got the qualification to complain friendless for this.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me, Chairman Mao

I just have a haircut recently... and I asked for a crew-cut. Hey, It can save me the nuisance of grooming... (not something that I do anyway tehehehe). Besides, it can save me some money as I am really dirt poor now.

Well, after the "squarish" cut... Complimented by my hairfalling. I felt like a slightly younger Chairman Mao!

Chairman Mao in Porcelain
All Hail!!!

So, it goes back to many of the critics blaming on my unsatireable appetite on msg food. Well, to my defense... I have to passed by MAMEE factory to work every morning, and GOSH!! smell the morning roost aroma of freshly mamee.... It's like... not eating, but still will drop hair...

Therefore.. I chose to eat :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sucker me? ... Maybe

With all the frustration in this moment, the agonizing wait..... seems I'm a sucker for nostalgic, or really suckered by easy manipulation... ha.. at least my life haven't ended as badly as I think it would be.... Yet.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Frustrating Times

Its been frustrating time for me lately.

I applied broadband services so that I can download like crazy, only to find out that my "unlimited" package is slow as hell. Either the line sucks, or the "free" wireless modem seems very much unstable and useless. Most of the download needs to be reconnects.

My thumbdrive been acting up on me, the office pc hit by virus, the whole office hit by multiple viruses. Just spent the last 2 days figuring how to clean this farkup DR/Delphi.Gen [dropper] virus on my home PC. Not to say millions of restart... safe mode, installed Adaware, Spyware Search'n'Destroy, Avira, Cloud, Kapersky Cleaner, bla bla bla bla.. all done using the fucked up lousy connection.

Work, as usual.. the Junior still drove me to insanity sometimes, the site situation still sucks big time. Good project seems to be changing to bad project with ever changing request from the end user. And my hard working-ship dove faster than Twilight worshipers on their knees.

Family, well, wife side anyway... didn't go so well. This I'll wait and see.

Health wise, well... my neck bone is as fragile as ever. It'll feel very sore every 1-2 hours and I have to swing hard for a "krak" sound relief the pain. The ankle got "crack" sound everytime I walk barefooted. I think sooner or later, the "krak" will cause my head flew away from my body. My cough seems never ceased and now my nose have "whistling" noise sometimes when I inhale.

Friends wise, well... of course.. PEOPLE HATED ME... so losing friends is a norm... even if its some so called very good buddies. Sigh. Eh, but hey... seems I knew some new friends... very happy to know them type :)

It's Misfit as usual