Monday, December 14, 2009


Ever get up and suddenly reality hit u like a heavyweight knock-out punch... straight in the teeth... repeatedly.

The life you visualize you wanted... which you keep telling yourself soon... on the way... one day I will be... WILL NEVER HAPPEN! You jumped up, go on with your routine life that you console yourself that it is for temporary, killing you everyday by just bearing with it.

Just before you jumped and say, "then make some changes". ITS TOOOO LATE!!!!! You have no energy left.... You're old, useless, non-achiever, lazy, unmotivated, bad tempered, hard headed, but luckily not gay.

And then you go on and on and on ranting while... Smiling.
Continue with this shit whole week long and see how will it treat you.

thinfish: fml ?
me: ?
thinfish: ur status
thinfish: FML ?
me: oo
me: oooo
thinkfish: wats tat
me: female licker
thinfish: liar

Ha! I don't think a got the qualification to complain friendless for this.

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