Thursday, December 03, 2009

Frustrating Times

Its been frustrating time for me lately.

I applied broadband services so that I can download like crazy, only to find out that my "unlimited" package is slow as hell. Either the line sucks, or the "free" wireless modem seems very much unstable and useless. Most of the download needs to be reconnects.

My thumbdrive been acting up on me, the office pc hit by virus, the whole office hit by multiple viruses. Just spent the last 2 days figuring how to clean this farkup DR/Delphi.Gen [dropper] virus on my home PC. Not to say millions of restart... safe mode, installed Adaware, Spyware Search'n'Destroy, Avira, Cloud, Kapersky Cleaner, bla bla bla bla.. all done using the fucked up lousy connection.

Work, as usual.. the Junior still drove me to insanity sometimes, the site situation still sucks big time. Good project seems to be changing to bad project with ever changing request from the end user. And my hard working-ship dove faster than Twilight worshipers on their knees.

Family, well, wife side anyway... didn't go so well. This I'll wait and see.

Health wise, well... my neck bone is as fragile as ever. It'll feel very sore every 1-2 hours and I have to swing hard for a "krak" sound relief the pain. The ankle got "crack" sound everytime I walk barefooted. I think sooner or later, the "krak" will cause my head flew away from my body. My cough seems never ceased and now my nose have "whistling" noise sometimes when I inhale.

Friends wise, well... of course.. PEOPLE HATED ME... so losing friends is a norm... even if its some so called very good buddies. Sigh. Eh, but hey... seems I knew some new friends... very happy to know them type :)

It's Misfit as usual

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