Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been Karma'ed!

"I think you should stop contacting me anymore. You should know what you did," read the sms I received from Jewel.

It was 1:40am when I read this, as I have put it in vibrate mode. I immediately replied asking clarification. No reply came.

Can't sleep thinking about it, I went online, tried to get hold of them. No reply came.

So back to bed... turning and tossing around.

Morning. Went to work grumpily. Called Jewel, no reply. SMS to Moon (the only person if any wrong I can think off). She said don't know.. making me an even bigger moron.

So, finally dem Jewel replied, scolding me for keep calling her. Ask me to read the next page of the sms.


I accidentally deleted it. She laugh happily.. Bitch!!! I'll get back 1 day. Perhaps it's karma to me for making fun of people. Oh yeah... this is my Zombie thinking mind now... fuck you karma

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