Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me, Chairman Mao

I just have a haircut recently... and I asked for a crew-cut. Hey, It can save me the nuisance of grooming... (not something that I do anyway tehehehe). Besides, it can save me some money as I am really dirt poor now.

Well, after the "squarish" cut... Complimented by my hairfalling. I felt like a slightly younger Chairman Mao!

Chairman Mao in Porcelain
All Hail!!!

So, it goes back to many of the critics blaming on my unsatireable appetite on msg food. Well, to my defense... I have to passed by MAMEE factory to work every morning, and GOSH!! smell the morning roost aroma of freshly mamee.... It's like... not eating, but still will drop hair...

Therefore.. I chose to eat :)

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