Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Resolution

Well, of course the 2010 resolution is still an on-going process

So, again... 2011 resolution

3-some, get My PE license, be more of a mothafarker BADASS, and rule the world.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia Finally Wins AFFC

After years of bad achievements, the Malaysian football team finally shows a bit bit achievement by winning Asean Football Federation (AFF) championship.

The prime minister then announced a public holiday just to celebrate this. Just a minor tournament also wants to holiday. Malaysian how to achieve developed status?!

The holiday caused bank to close... and I won't be able to get my salary till monday.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Financial Planning

It has been a very financially tight month with a few close friends wedding and my paying of earlier month "charity" debt.

So, here I am suffering around.... then my old man colleague Mr.Misai asked if I am interested to earn extra by helping out some freelance design job. I of course agreed after learning about the scope of work.

The pay is quite good for a short term freelancing, therefore I am glad that my financial difficulties this month will be over soon. So in come the PCFAIR, I've been dying to upgrade my ancient PC since ages ago, and I just took the plunge.

Swipe swipe! Really failed financial planning. The new upgraded pc is quite good, still reasonable pricing and consider more to the lower end of computer specs. Only problem is, not even 1 week after the PCFAIR, the parts that I bought ends up much more cheaper......

Fuck The World!!!!

and after all the hard work done, the freelance project is a NO-GO.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Misfit being snatch thief

While previously saying that I am losing my Mojo, further incident happens that shows I am indeed mellowed to the status of a sheep.... No, I think an ant living on the sheep.

I was helping out the Missus on her shop when a guy step in the shop to view and test some phones. Just while I am changing another phone for him to view, he grab it and make a dash for it. Outside at the corner he have already prepared him motorcycle with the engine running. I didn't manage to catch him as he drove dangerously away.

It's sad for me as 
1) Incurred money loss
2) The hassle of reporting police, endured a run around.
3) I didn't caught that cheeky bastard
4) I didn't see the plate number of the bike, too old and too bad eyesight.
5) He choose to snatch from ME!

I'm really losing it :(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Losing My Edge

Seems to be failure lately, I'm losing my mojo :(

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This week working

Monday: Office Rushing Job

Tuesday: Woke up early. Factory and site visit at Berangan, reach back from Bangi late late evening, night time have to pick up documents.

Wednesday: Woke up early. Fetch colleague to Putrajaya site visit, go alone to Puchong for tender briefing. Got mistaken the place there and ends up spending time circling around. After briefing where I am virtually invisible cause acted as a stand in for the boss, drive to Berangan for another factory visit and fetching the colleague. Reach home evening.

Thursday: Have to wake up EXTRA early for a damn time wasting meeting, another meeting to follow, and a discussion. Will reach home around late late late evening.

Friday: Will wake up early for friends wedding. Cameraman to be... better hope I don't mess.

I'm at most just a Godzilla hunter, I aint no superman....

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bye bye Wajero, Hello Fiestero

Bye bye Wajero, thanks for serving me for the past 5 years.

Final Picture Wajero
Why Wajero? Cause under my hand, it's a Pajero.

Hello Fiesta.. I mean Fiestero....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wipiiii..... on leave 2 days

But dunno what to do :(

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Commemorative day

Its my commemorative day again, guess I will continue to stay alive after these too.

I hope I will get better when I am older. Oh wai~... I am old already.....

Cockroach Killing

There's been a surge or cockroach in my house lately, always found them in my house. Perhaps they crawled in due to my broken toilet floor trap.

 I then buy this, Baygon Cockroach Control as my current ones are meant more to kill ants and mosquitoes. Its quite effective, a direct spray on even adult roach makes them paralyzed almost instantly.

Sure enough, when I returned home, there's a roach crawling around. I gleefully tested my new "weapon", and sure enough, the cockroach turned on its back.... struggling with its feet on the air.

I smirked, now I know how those mad world war scientist felt when they tested toxic on human.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sadly, that's what I am lately. Will be in sloth mode until further blabber.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Relationship Jokes: Somewhat of achievement

I'm being called a lot of things, but persistent is something that is never in my virtue. So it's quite astonishing that I am still maintaining this joke site after more than 3 1/2 years.

Today mark a special occasion for me as its finally hits 500000 views, something that I would never imagine.

Well, even though I am quite sure 100000 is viewed by me myself. I thank all the viewers for their support. After 3 years, I been taking its toll, with mind of repost, not funny, etc.....
But hey, its a joke sit afterall, we are suppose to enjoy it. So I vow to continue on... until it's not needed anymore.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rule #10: Enjoy the little things (09-10-10)

In Khakis again today, vanilla ice-cream + death black coffee + selfbrought mimi and tamtam... :)

In this world now, somethings, we do need to enjoy the little things.... but not the wasabi coffee laaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Poor Boss

At the end of last month, my boss asked me and another colleague accompany him to potential business site which I unfortunately have to be the designated driver. On the way there, my boss did tell a bit of his family stories, how his bro have the mindset of freeloading etc.. etc....

OK, sad stories aside, boss ask us for breakfast at a nice Yong Taufu shop. There, we saw an ex-colleague and we just sit together enjoy the food. My boss and colleague seems to be regulars there as there were quite a number of acquaintance acknowledged. Well, boss being THE boss... he offered to treat all of them when they are leaving.

Finally, when our turn to make a move, my boss asked for the bill, $48.... he then realised that...


then he turned to me and said: "Misfit, help me settle this bill first, I'll pay you back later."

I replied: "OK Boss"
and proceed to pay........ in my wallet... there is only $38


Monday, September 27, 2010

Hate this feeling

Weekend end and with me couldn't able to do something I wanted... badly....
sigh... hate this feeling

Monday, September 06, 2010


Well, before I proceed with this blog entry, I have to say that I am NOT a coffee expert, heck, I hardly drinks them with the exception of my home 3-in-1 instant coffee for dipping with my favorite Ping Pong brand biscuit.

Now, we just happen to "choose" this place to relax then purely because the other places is closed in the afternoon and I was lazy to turn another big circle hunting for places again.

looks like a poor man's version of starbuck

It is located in Melaka Raya area, just opposite of Carry On Steamboat restaurant. In fact, I've been to the entrance before, but ends up leaving this place as it hardly have a proper menu as I was hunting for a hearty breakfast then.

They don't actually have much of a things to eat. Hence the name Coffee "Bar" with a menu of less than 10 variety of coffee.... Very LITTLE is our though when we saw the menu, who the hell will come here again? How the hell can they compete against those full fledge franchise such as Old Town, Uncle John.. etc...?

Fresh coffee... think of it as lighter colored goat shit!

I ordered Ice-Latte while Baozzz order Long Island something something... forgotten, pardon me :P. But I have to admit... the smaller variety makes ordering much much simple hahahaha.

Well, the guy who prepared the coffee actually takes his time and care for it, and when we tasted it... Hmmm... not bad.. but of course a bit strong for a teh tarik drinker like me... and with my recent diarrhea history.

Halfway drinking... Baozzz beats me to the toilet LOL... I'm not the only one. It seems they roast their coffee at the back of the shop.

Coffee grinder tub time machine
It was only after my toilet call that the owner start chatting with us, perhaps the shit is too smelly for him to stay at the back of the shop.

He takes his time to explain what he do at the shop, which originally intend to be just a coffee roasteria instead of including the "bar". They import the best grade available, take pain to chose out those bad seeds, and proper roast to their perfection.

He explains too on the lack of menu item, as all those "variety" is actually adding syrups on the coffee, which serves no point to him. He's cool enough to let us trial on the premium coffee... the OH KAO of coffee... DEATH BLACK COFFEE... and he even explains why coffee shouldn't be too hot with milk.. etc etc. He wanted people to taste the authentic version as he did supply coffee beans to other cafe's, but the lack of sales and coffee drinker really forced him to open shop and to "educate" us non coffee drinker.

Well, seeing someone struggling with business, really reminds me of myself last year, when I was struggling with my own debts... It's really bring out the sadness and bad memories.

The death black coffee... so black.. you cannot see it in photo
We did try to provide "advise" to him on improving the business... his best hope is to educate the local. And I did say, he did an awful job of  "advertising" the place. No way we would have learn and know so much if we did not talked to him. The very idea of people standing like in a bar for coffee is really unlikely in Malacca, where we have a culture of parking our car really reachable by barrel roll... else it is consider too far.
Well, standing idea can really works... if the "bartender" is fabulous hawt and flirty, by then, I would make a beeline too :P

As we are MTian, where us being us... darn "nice" people, he did acknowledge our thoughts.. and will try to do what they have with the limited cashflow left.

MTian, really enjoy their coffee... and it would be sad to see this hidden coffee gem going out of business.

black until the camera also black

Hence, MTian will hereby give our seal of approval for this very Awesyume Death Black Coffee. Two thumbs up!

Friday, September 03, 2010

DIY Camera Bag : Misfit Version

When I'm on a phototrip, most of the times I just carried my small sling/backpack around. 

jeng jeng jeng... cheapo axel brand bag..

While it is convenient and may saves me any giveaway of a camera inside, it seriously lacked the padding to proper protect anything fragile inside.

Hence, my trial stingy attempt for a stealth diy camera bag. With reference to this site

Ok ok.... now lets move on to the actual work

Step 1: Gather Material
a)  Bag - around rm30
b)  Padding (Got it from Construction material, with a "just nice" soft/stiffness state - around rm80 for a 2m x 1m roll... I cutted out a 0.6m x 1m for free.. tehehehehe
c)  Tape - around rm4 (masking take, glue, all is still not suitable during my trial)
d)  Rulers, cutters, measuring tape, scissors, markers.
not all is used....

Step 2: Measures/Plan
This is the part with some complication, especially when the stupid bag is odd shaped. You NEED to have a good idea what you intend to do, the shape, some good measurement of the box.

try try measure from bottom
Which is sadly... I have none. No idea, no skill, no experience.
Ok, my basic plan is just cut some grove at some measurement, just deep enough for easy folding to a Box-shaped foam. (Plan A)

Step 3: Actually Do the Bloody Thing

cut to the grove

bet u dont realized what is wrong here.. tehehehe... stupid as me!

Cut wrongly.... again.... and placed into the bag for trial "fitting"

damn weird la... masking tape is temporary only

outside deformed shape....

As I said, the odd shape bag makes the padding odd shape too..... ok, actually... I failed in the measurement!

Plan B: Cut the whole padding out.... stick them using tape. Redo, and the result is a much better fit.

trim the opening for easier access

Step 4: Final Result

The finished product.. glued in a separate padding at the zipped area

Placed a flash in the camera compartment

Camera in place... taken using phone camera

the stealth,, aka stealth bag... aka hidehide paopao..
TADAAA.... my own DIY camera bag. with enough space to place some item such as flash on top of the camera without actually flawing them.

Not really a superb successful trial... but that'll do.

While this is NO actual camera bag. It kidda helps people like me... NO, I don't just mean misfit, but an extra option to people who likes things....differently.... yeah.. thats sounds like misfit.. I know.

Next trial would a my bigger backpack..... :P

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is it depression.... or is it just being me... a misfit?

I'm not sure why or how.... but I think I'm depressed........

There's been quite a number of misfit case to be blogged.... but somehow I kept back... perhaps I am just lazy... perhaps some things are not meant to be said..... or known......

Oh, what the heck.... I'll continue to blog after I get the chance.... means it wont be today most probably

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More Than Plastic


Two thumbs and two big toe up! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Childhood Revisited: A-Team

I just watched the A-Team in cinema, gosh..... its been that long. I still remembered waiting every Monday 8:30pm on TV.

Unlike another childhood favorite of mine, Clash of Titans... A-Team is A-WESOME!!

From the original lovable,

To suave and complex,

I just love you guys...

ahem... Manly love... not napet type.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malacca Flood: The Counterattack of Godzilla

Local News Report:

Malacca and Johor Baru hit by flash floods

MALACCA: Prolonged and unusually heavy rain early yesterday morning caused massive flash floods in several parts here and in Johor Baru.
The Malacca Meterological De-partment recorded 83mm of rain after six hours of continuous rain that started at about 3am, compared to the daily average of 20mm.
What actual happened is:

Godzilla is attacking Malacca. He's searching for me. Well, I never expected any pre-empt attack from the Great One. But this does means he finally does acknowledge me as an adversary after the previous fiasco (Link).

Well, fortunately for me, I stayed quite a distance from the sea, as his emergence from the sea caused massive rain and flash flood from Malacca all the way till JB, and some say Batam.

I think he left after realizing that I am not around, but no before attacking my work place.

My work place is like being hit by tsunami! Luckily not much equipment lost! I will get my revenge.... I promised.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jonker Street 50mm Photomisfitgraphy

I have joined a group of photo enthusiast recently. Boring time at least got more choices of activities.

1st outing, after taking all the photos, we are to submit our best for online voting... till up to this blog time... my vote count is    0


Theme: 50mm lens
Venue: Jonker, Malacca

Photo that normally should be submitted:


What I submit is this:

Going on offend the god again... no wonder 0

Post Edit 25-05-10
LOL Thank you Eddy for the markah kesian :P

note: Eh, not easy for markah kesian u know.. i kena beg one

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I sucks even more than....

I went to play badminton with friends in mist of the Thomas Cup fever. At the court canteen, it was showing our team playing....

We were supporting, and at most of the time, face palming.

At every breaktime, I would rush back to play my game, making my partners sour plum face.

After our game, we went to have our meal in a crowded food court.. where it shows the Thomas Cup in projector and much to our delight (even if we would never admit it), WE WON! We are in the semifinals.

So drive home, before going to bath, only I realised I wore my shirt inside out

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do not offend the god

It was during the Ching Ming. I was visiting the grave with family.... the BIG family. It is the time of the year when graveyard is livelier than bazaar.

Well, giving my ignorance of these traditional taboo or cultural stuff... I need to ask my aunts on how many joss stick per grave, how many to be given out to the Tu Di Gong aka Earth God.

I forget again.. hahahaaha.. but it works out something like:

JS = Joss Stick
Needed JS = No. Of Grave x (3 JS for grave + 2 JS for Tu Di Gong)

Well, I calculated the exact number of JS needed. But when I placed it, I overplace 1 for the Tu Di Gong. Oh SHIT!

In order to correct the numbers... I pull one 1 back from Tu Di Gong... say sorry, and turn around proceed to pray my ancestors grave.

When I turned around, my leg hit the grave concrete, and BLEEED!

I'm telling you! Its divine punishment! Lucky I apologized earlier! Else I would be in the grave, with you all feeding me JS

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sucky KL Work Trip

Last week, I have been picking up girlboy's leftover work as he is on a vacation. A sucky job, damn clueless about its status, and have to be a runaround boys.

I unsuccessfully tried to avoid on a trip up KL just for submission, I even send the car to the workshop on that date. I truely hated KL's lifestyle and traffic.

Well, boss asked me to use one of his cars. Damnit!! So in between sulking, I thought of Katak.. hehe... and so I called him to accompany me up... actually, more so as the driver.

"Katak! Follow me go KL tomorrow can or not? A few places to go"
"WASEH?! Why me?!"
"Can la.. I belanja makan!"
"Dowan la! Oh wait... what car driving?"
"Errmmm... most probably X3"
"Emm OK! But if its not X3, then you no need call me tomorrow!"
-__-" "Eh, by the way, your Iphone got GPS or not?"
"Got! but lousy one!"
"As long as GPS ok liao"

So, the next day before the drive up KL, I fetched Katak.
"See your GPS.."
"Here.... its actually Google Maps"

.......... I really really facepalm

Monday, March 08, 2010

Disinfect My Clothes

I was washing my clothes. I took the liquid detergent... and pour it in the washer machine..
"Apple fragrant," I think.

Later only I realized it is actually floor cleaner.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Got a Raise

I got a raise..... I think, should be... kinda......

On paper increase, but end value same

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Misfit

Wow, it's going to be Chinese New Year again. Time really flies fast.

Just came back from dinner with my family. They commented that I am picking up weight. Sigh!
They never really understood the AWESYUMEST of MSG. Me and my family is really different, they are alike with their tastes, lifestyle.. while I am completely different. Perhaps this is where the misfit starts.

Lets see what I have been doing lately,
work? busy as usual...
after work, house cleaning ...

well, since the wife is not in... and probably won't be in for next months.. I can always eat what I wants laaa........

oh yeah! passed monday.. I have continuous heavy meal in one day. Late lunch with clients, early dinner with office, and late dinner with MTian... YEAAHHHH!!!!!!

that's perhaps why even my mom have been saying that I am gaining weight.

Yeah, I am blaming this on you guys.... hahahaha....
OK, now who to prepare for the upcoming post cny bbq?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Another Sign of Bad Year

This is gonna be a bad year i tell u....

even tiger also facepalm liao

user posted image

Friday, January 29, 2010

Songkok Colonal Sander

During lunch time today, I drag others along to a hypermarket for some lunch break shopping.

We took our time to order.... and when it's finally my turn, I ordered a snack plate of 2 fried chicken.

Me: I want friend chickin!
Waitress: Oh sorry, we are out of chickin!
Me: WHOAAAAAAAA!!! KFC out of chickin!!! IT'S DOOMSDAY!!!!
Waitress: =_="

Then when I turned around, I SAW IT!!!!!

Mr. KFC Himselfs, Colonal Sanders. Malaysian songkok version.

Pardon me for the non-focused photo

After ordering burgers, we have to wait for it. My colleagues orders reached soon, while mine reach much much later.

Me: Fried chikin ready yet?
Waitress: Nope. The stock just arrived.
Me: Now slaughtering the chickin?
Waitress: No, we are trying to catch it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running Me Over

No, this is surprisingly not a negative post. Just when I thought I will miss this place... I was engaged in a battle supremayonese!

I think they will try running me over again tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Returning to Office Soon

Me leaving soon? After 2 years here..... Two headache of farking vomit blood years, am I finally return back to the office?

I don't know if I can adapt in the office anymore :(

My Life

My life summarized... based on vey's template

Monday, January 25, 2010

Boring Night again

I've been overspending more than I should lately.... and I blamed it on boredom.. hahaha

Hence, out to take some photo... I think Malacca nightview is still a OK!

If you're not bored with it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Influence to Parenting

During my shopping trip for the supply of the earlier post. I met a friend of mine, while I was busy squeezing the pillow biscuit into my cart.

His 7 year old son stared at my "loots", then stared at his father.
The father stared back at his son, then proceed to take one big packet of msg food and put in his cart.

They leave quietly.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

CNY Supply Is Here

Chinese New Year is coming... again.

But this year, I am about prepared with 1 months to go. I have done my shopping in the morning.

Now, I just need to spring clean 1 week before new year, and get a haircut again....

New clothes? Who needs new clothes when the awesome of msg based food makes you happy.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Decade, same old asshole!

It's always like this, whenever there is any celebration on the weekends that falls in the ends of that month, my boss would be late for salary payment.

New Year 2010, in my pocket, just around 20bucks. Damnit....
Salary finally out on the 5th.... relieving my greening face....

So, I sms'ed GirlBoy about the salary finally issued as he if off at site. We were both stressed out from the greening face and work, and kinda agree for a massage.. which we keep deferring since mid end last year.

... below is the roughly conversation.

Me: Hey, salary finally out.... finally can go massage liao.
Girlboy: Really ar? Finally... Sure, where go?
Me: Hehe... got money to find chicks liao.
Girlboy: Wah... can find hanky panky type (Joking)
Me: OK, I tell others.

I put down my phone after reply, and shouted at all my officemates,
"Hey, guess what? Girlboy wanna go for a handjob!" And they burst out laughing.

Girlboy gonna kill me for this

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sucky New Year

It was the new year..... anything good for the new year? lets see.....

price rise..... plenty, almost every freaking things except salary
world better place..... don't think so
happiness..... not a chance

New Year days party? Not without salary and 20 bucks in the pocket.

Wish to have lost friends back.... hmm... not sure.... it screams awkward and make me felt even shitty afterwards.... I am lost here.