Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Decade, same old asshole!

It's always like this, whenever there is any celebration on the weekends that falls in the ends of that month, my boss would be late for salary payment.

New Year 2010, in my pocket, just around 20bucks. Damnit....
Salary finally out on the 5th.... relieving my greening face....

So, I sms'ed GirlBoy about the salary finally issued as he if off at site. We were both stressed out from the greening face and work, and kinda agree for a massage.. which we keep deferring since mid end last year.

... below is the roughly conversation.

Me: Hey, salary finally out.... finally can go massage liao.
Girlboy: Really ar? Finally... Sure, where go?
Me: Hehe... got money to find chicks liao.
Girlboy: Wah... can find hanky panky type (Joking)
Me: OK, I tell others.

I put down my phone after reply, and shouted at all my officemates,
"Hey, guess what? Girlboy wanna go for a handjob!" And they burst out laughing.

Girlboy gonna kill me for this

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