Friday, January 29, 2010

Songkok Colonal Sander

During lunch time today, I drag others along to a hypermarket for some lunch break shopping.

We took our time to order.... and when it's finally my turn, I ordered a snack plate of 2 fried chicken.

Me: I want friend chickin!
Waitress: Oh sorry, we are out of chickin!
Me: WHOAAAAAAAA!!! KFC out of chickin!!! IT'S DOOMSDAY!!!!
Waitress: =_="

Then when I turned around, I SAW IT!!!!!

Mr. KFC Himselfs, Colonal Sanders. Malaysian songkok version.

Pardon me for the non-focused photo

After ordering burgers, we have to wait for it. My colleagues orders reached soon, while mine reach much much later.

Me: Fried chikin ready yet?
Waitress: Nope. The stock just arrived.
Me: Now slaughtering the chickin?
Waitress: No, we are trying to catch it.

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