Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Misfit

Wow, it's going to be Chinese New Year again. Time really flies fast.

Just came back from dinner with my family. They commented that I am picking up weight. Sigh!
They never really understood the AWESYUMEST of MSG. Me and my family is really different, they are alike with their tastes, lifestyle.. while I am completely different. Perhaps this is where the misfit starts.

Lets see what I have been doing lately,
work? busy as usual...
after work, house cleaning ...

well, since the wife is not in... and probably won't be in for next months.. I can always eat what I wants laaa........

oh yeah! passed monday.. I have continuous heavy meal in one day. Late lunch with clients, early dinner with office, and late dinner with MTian... YEAAHHHH!!!!!!

that's perhaps why even my mom have been saying that I am gaining weight.

Yeah, I am blaming this on you guys.... hahahaha....
OK, now who to prepare for the upcoming post cny bbq?

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