Monday, March 29, 2010

Sucky KL Work Trip

Last week, I have been picking up girlboy's leftover work as he is on a vacation. A sucky job, damn clueless about its status, and have to be a runaround boys.

I unsuccessfully tried to avoid on a trip up KL just for submission, I even send the car to the workshop on that date. I truely hated KL's lifestyle and traffic.

Well, boss asked me to use one of his cars. Damnit!! So in between sulking, I thought of Katak.. hehe... and so I called him to accompany me up... actually, more so as the driver.

"Katak! Follow me go KL tomorrow can or not? A few places to go"
"WASEH?! Why me?!"
"Can la.. I belanja makan!"
"Dowan la! Oh wait... what car driving?"
"Errmmm... most probably X3"
"Emm OK! But if its not X3, then you no need call me tomorrow!"
-__-" "Eh, by the way, your Iphone got GPS or not?"
"Got! but lousy one!"
"As long as GPS ok liao"

So, the next day before the drive up KL, I fetched Katak.
"See your GPS.."
"Here.... its actually Google Maps"

.......... I really really facepalm

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