Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do not offend the god

It was during the Ching Ming. I was visiting the grave with family.... the BIG family. It is the time of the year when graveyard is livelier than bazaar.

Well, giving my ignorance of these traditional taboo or cultural stuff... I need to ask my aunts on how many joss stick per grave, how many to be given out to the Tu Di Gong aka Earth God.

I forget again.. hahahaaha.. but it works out something like:

JS = Joss Stick
Needed JS = No. Of Grave x (3 JS for grave + 2 JS for Tu Di Gong)

Well, I calculated the exact number of JS needed. But when I placed it, I overplace 1 for the Tu Di Gong. Oh SHIT!

In order to correct the numbers... I pull one 1 back from Tu Di Gong... say sorry, and turn around proceed to pray my ancestors grave.

When I turned around, my leg hit the grave concrete, and BLEEED!

I'm telling you! Its divine punishment! Lucky I apologized earlier! Else I would be in the grave, with you all feeding me JS