Friday, September 03, 2010

DIY Camera Bag : Misfit Version

When I'm on a phototrip, most of the times I just carried my small sling/backpack around. 

jeng jeng jeng... cheapo axel brand bag..

While it is convenient and may saves me any giveaway of a camera inside, it seriously lacked the padding to proper protect anything fragile inside.

Hence, my trial stingy attempt for a stealth diy camera bag. With reference to this site

Ok ok.... now lets move on to the actual work

Step 1: Gather Material
a)  Bag - around rm30
b)  Padding (Got it from Construction material, with a "just nice" soft/stiffness state - around rm80 for a 2m x 1m roll... I cutted out a 0.6m x 1m for free.. tehehehehe
c)  Tape - around rm4 (masking take, glue, all is still not suitable during my trial)
d)  Rulers, cutters, measuring tape, scissors, markers.
not all is used....

Step 2: Measures/Plan
This is the part with some complication, especially when the stupid bag is odd shaped. You NEED to have a good idea what you intend to do, the shape, some good measurement of the box.

try try measure from bottom
Which is sadly... I have none. No idea, no skill, no experience.
Ok, my basic plan is just cut some grove at some measurement, just deep enough for easy folding to a Box-shaped foam. (Plan A)

Step 3: Actually Do the Bloody Thing

cut to the grove

bet u dont realized what is wrong here.. tehehehe... stupid as me!

Cut wrongly.... again.... and placed into the bag for trial "fitting"

damn weird la... masking tape is temporary only

outside deformed shape....

As I said, the odd shape bag makes the padding odd shape too..... ok, actually... I failed in the measurement!

Plan B: Cut the whole padding out.... stick them using tape. Redo, and the result is a much better fit.

trim the opening for easier access

Step 4: Final Result

The finished product.. glued in a separate padding at the zipped area

Placed a flash in the camera compartment

Camera in place... taken using phone camera

the stealth,, aka stealth bag... aka hidehide paopao..
TADAAA.... my own DIY camera bag. with enough space to place some item such as flash on top of the camera without actually flawing them.

Not really a superb successful trial... but that'll do.

While this is NO actual camera bag. It kidda helps people like me... NO, I don't just mean misfit, but an extra option to people who likes things....differently.... yeah.. thats sounds like misfit.. I know.

Next trial would a my bigger backpack..... :P


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