Monday, October 04, 2010

Poor Boss

At the end of last month, my boss asked me and another colleague accompany him to potential business site which I unfortunately have to be the designated driver. On the way there, my boss did tell a bit of his family stories, how his bro have the mindset of freeloading etc.. etc....

OK, sad stories aside, boss ask us for breakfast at a nice Yong Taufu shop. There, we saw an ex-colleague and we just sit together enjoy the food. My boss and colleague seems to be regulars there as there were quite a number of acquaintance acknowledged. Well, boss being THE boss... he offered to treat all of them when they are leaving.

Finally, when our turn to make a move, my boss asked for the bill, $48.... he then realised that...


then he turned to me and said: "Misfit, help me settle this bill first, I'll pay you back later."

I replied: "OK Boss"
and proceed to pay........ in my wallet... there is only $38


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