Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Financial Planning

It has been a very financially tight month with a few close friends wedding and my paying of earlier month "charity" debt.

So, here I am suffering around.... then my old man colleague Mr.Misai asked if I am interested to earn extra by helping out some freelance design job. I of course agreed after learning about the scope of work.

The pay is quite good for a short term freelancing, therefore I am glad that my financial difficulties this month will be over soon. So in come the PCFAIR, I've been dying to upgrade my ancient PC since ages ago, and I just took the plunge.

Swipe swipe! Really failed financial planning. The new upgraded pc is quite good, still reasonable pricing and consider more to the lower end of computer specs. Only problem is, not even 1 week after the PCFAIR, the parts that I bought ends up much more cheaper......

Fuck The World!!!!

and after all the hard work done, the freelance project is a NO-GO.


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