Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Misfit being snatch thief

While previously saying that I am losing my Mojo, further incident happens that shows I am indeed mellowed to the status of a sheep.... No, I think an ant living on the sheep.

I was helping out the Missus on her shop when a guy step in the shop to view and test some phones. Just while I am changing another phone for him to view, he grab it and make a dash for it. Outside at the corner he have already prepared him motorcycle with the engine running. I didn't manage to catch him as he drove dangerously away.

It's sad for me as 
1) Incurred money loss
2) The hassle of reporting police, endured a run around.
3) I didn't caught that cheeky bastard
4) I didn't see the plate number of the bike, too old and too bad eyesight.
5) He choose to snatch from ME!

I'm really losing it :(

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