Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Meme Comic


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Belated Awesome!

I went back for sort of an earlier family reunion dinner yesterday. It was also for my mom's and bro birthday celebration.

However, it was the day they compensate my earlier belated birthday gift. So my gift is more awesome than my mom's TWO banquet of flowers (Which 1 was robbed by my niece)

Ha... So I am still logically awesome!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Iz Timing Awesome

Again it was the time when I am so darn lack of working time due to Tiny's resignation which/ caused my work stress which caused by work unhappiness which caused by Girlboy!

There was 1 project which have a darn annoying client and architect where they keep rushing your design and then changed it after you completed it.

They keep changing even the meeting timing and WILL blame you if you have earlier appointment and can't attend to it.

So, on there was a scheduled meeting on Friday 2:30pm which I have not done ANYTHING for this project yet. Going there would only result me being the delay scapegoat. And this meeting to me is a waste of time.

I intend to start depart from my office only on 2:30pm. Prompting a reply,

Siowgirl :  =.= so yong sui meh? ppl wait4 u

On 2:26pm, i received a message:
Meeting postponed to next week

See, my timing is AWESOME!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Because Cows is on the Road

My friend Mr.Edu is very proud of his new red Prius.

 In a hot sunny day, where he have to rushed for a meeting, driving his prius over, he was blocked on the road by a herd of cows.

Slowing down, suddenly his car was knocked over by something. He thought it was a careless driver.

Glancing over, it was only a bull charging at his RED car.


Perhaps we should all drive a red tank.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Asshole Diaries #1000002

My young kid cousin was having a birthday party; me & wife was invited over.

As it was a more last minute decision, my wife decided to present my cousin a beauty product that she likes. Since it was my wife thing, I was tasked to wrap it as my contribution.

So I looked at the wrappers, thinking of the work, and saw the pastry box i bought to celebrate my own birthday a few days earlier which almost the whole world didn't know.

Basically, the box is just slightly bigger than the gift. So i just minor clean the box off pastry crumbs, and placed the gift inside.

Just like this

Cover the Box, inside the original bakery's plastic bag

And the wrapping is DONE!

I asked my wife to hand over the present since it is her "contribution" after all, but she was having none of it.. Shheehhh.. spoilsports.

Then we headed over, and little cousin was outside her house bbq-ing with her school friends.
'Adding body fat cousin?' Came my greetings 'Here, I bought roasted pork bun as your gift.'

Well, the look on her face says it all.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Japanese Working Ethics Awesomeness!

It has came into my attention, or rather lack of it for this blog update. There are a couple of reason behind it, depress, busy, lazy, etc.... but hey, I'm back with this update.

I was in charge lately of a project that involves Japanese client. It was a joint venture project where the technical aspect will be handled by the Japanese. The thing with Japanese is, they are very hand-on. They will check quite throughout as like it is not ethically but lawfully. Heck, I was surrounded and "interrogated" by not one, but THREE senior managers and chief engineers. Luckily I survived, not bad for someone nearly flunked his degree. This future project MD, was already based here and on the ground even before any office was set up. He practically was overseeing even the hard labor work. I'm telling you, you won't see this happens for Malaysian MD, ever.

It was again during the meeting for the Japanese project that I chaired. The contractor wanted to proposed a "better" option and product in hoping of speeding up the job. The sales team, hoping to hit this sales, proudly showcase their product, presentations video etc. After the presentation, the MD politely went over to the presentation board, and ask

"What is the value for this constant of your product?"

I was practically holding my laughter looking at the shocked face of those sales person. The material parameters he asked was beyond even my understanding.

After the sales team carefully sidestep this questions, another question was asked by a very senior and equally nice engineer on the practicality of that product. He explained to me earlier that Japan have in fact used it 10 years ago. HAHAHAHA!

Again, a salesgirl explained that 10 years was a long time, and the product in fact have been improved and overcame that certain limitation. And to that, the engineer smiled and replied

"I don't believe."

OMG ROFL! The looked on the sales team says it all. This practically makes up for all the boring and stressful meeting earlier. These guys are AWESOME!

So I hereby bestowed and viewed upon them as Ultramans.

Though Godzilla is still more AWESOME!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Asshole Diaries #1000001

Cuddy my colleague seems have a very good appetite. As she was half-jokingly told by my Lady-Boss to watch her weight earlier. I joined her and other colleagues chatting about it.

Me: Wah, Lady-Boss really told you that? You must have eaten a lot in front of her yesterday. Haha.
Cuddy: Haha, I don't think so. Just one plate.

Cuddy: Besides, I have a big head, I would not look pretty if I am slimmer with big head.
Me: It's not like you are pretty now anyway.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


HERE I KAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunglass Break

My unapologetic colleague accidently stepped on my sunglasses when she step into my car during lunch hour carpool. It felled on the car floor and she just stepped on it. I am not asking you to pay for it but AT LEAST shows a bit sorry over it LA!

I bought this when I got my first paycheck. Sort of remind me of lives... You can't go on living forever. Well, it does serves it's purpose well. RIP

Oh wai~ it's still in my car.. haven't dump it yet

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Moon's Restaurant

Daisy drop me a message just after her return from New Zealand holiday.

Daisy: Hey, your friend moon open a thai restaurant at NZ!
Me: Huh?
Me: How u know?
Daisy: I got photo to prove.
Me: Is it?

This comes of a surprised to me, how did Daisy knew about my friend Moon? Though both are close friend, they are from different stage of my life. It was a surprise to me as something big like this for Moon, at least I should know from her. And coincidentally Moon was there last year with her family. They planned to open a restaurant there the whole time and I don't know?
That sort of hurts.

Me: Wah.. how do you know her?
Daisy: Did u open the photo i sent to u?
Me: Email to me
Daisy: Okok
Daisy: Sent liao
Me: Ok
(Expecting to see Moon cutting a ribbon or some kind)

And I See THIS!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friends are needed for lifetime?

As I was preparing sandwich for dinner, I ponder upon a text conversation with an friend few days ago that ends well.... not well.

Friends huh? Friends are an important part of lifes. Of course, friends comes and go.
Life sometimes reach a stage where you wonder the importance of friends, their value in your heart etc. Perhaps some people always care less of you regardless of what you wonder.
Then you reach another stage where you care less of friends or people.
Another stage where you're friends are gone, mostly cause you out-lives them. Haha.

So all this thinking makes me going to mess up my salami and tuna. You of course wants your food to be nice, therefore concentrate on my awesome sandwich.

But not for long, should I take initiative? And what? Ends up hurt or looking like a total jerk thrash to be tossed aside later again when no needed?

And then I come to an important realizations. Sort of achieve enlightenment.

I realize....

What the HELL am I doing in the kitchen making sandwich?!?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Republic.... AWSM!

Yes, Star Wars plays a part of my childhood. I could always imagine maneuvering my X-Wing around hilly areas, enjoying the view from up above. I still do.

Since the major disappointment of Revenge of the Sith. The Star Wars spirit is saved by Old Republic Series. Just too bad that I will definitely miss this latest offering MMO.

However, the trailer is still DAMN KAO AWEEEESYYUUMMM!!!!! I "dislike" posting any videos, but this one is an exception.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Misfit does a Tucker

It is good feelings when you tell people because of your bluntness and finally proving the you are awesome and correct. Not unlike Tucker.

It all started today Daisy, old old friend and ardent follower of religious teaching, obviously having a bad day, posted "Boikot -ve" in her msn status.
Well, the thing with religious people is, they are very stubborn, but easily proven wrong. But their fanatic and craziness makes them immune to the obvious fact when they're wrong.

Daisy: i boikot negative people
me: i'm negative, so boikot each other?
Daisy: OK, as per ur request
Daisy: i hate negative ppl
Daisy: hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
me: hate is a negative word
Daisy: so hate is together with negative ppl lo
Daisy: do u understand or not
Daisy: hateeeeeeeeeee
me: against good teaching
me: u hate... is negative
me: bad
me: so u negative
me: please hate yourself too
Daisy: i dun agreed 
Daisy: and i dun want to argue to u
Daisy: is up to u
( Daisy Offline )

Then it so happen Eve, another old friend of both me and Daisy drop the line in just after Daisy left.
Eve works in the ultimate border limit legal field of work know as Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) aka Homebreaker leaching heartless cheating field.
So I happen to tell her about Daisy's Positive/Negative thoughts earlier and it ends up with this.

Eve: tonite i hv to stay until 11pm
me: u power worker
me: different
Eve: i am forced to
Eve: wasn't my choice :(
me: so now no need work ar?
Eve: 2 bosses not slacking while I can
me: oooh, stay until 11 for wat?
Eve: got function....every thur is a must....
me: who ask u join this cheat people type company
Eve: pls lah when onli u wan to believe tat MLM co hv bright future....ahahahhaha :P
me: u parasite on other people
Eve: pls lah 
Eve: can v stop t topic
me: buthurt
Eve: others topic to chat wit me???
me: i'm happy to make u angry
Eve: sori i am not angry
me: oh wait.... must positively enlighten u to correct way
me: ahahahahahah
Eve: i just dun wan to waste my time onli
me: u R wasting ur time there
Eve: sorry 
me: and burning your soul
Eve: i can c my future here
Eve: lalallallal
me: parasite
Eve: i hv to stop here as i dun wan the -ve energy from u
Eve: tata
me: ahahahaha
me: waaiiit... let me save you from the eternal flame of burning hell... don't goooo
( no more reply... )

So just after Eve, I moved on to Jewel, the temperamental princess. Newer old pals, but crazily into the superficial metropolitan  lifestyle now <--- Really can't understand what these are about.

me: ahhahaha... now flaming my friend
me: oh wai~ the correct word is enlightment... show to correct path... hahahahaha
Jewel: Cheh
me: she work at mlm company... i called her parasite
Jewel: Nothing wrong with mlm
me: lol
me: u also
Jewel: As long as get money
me: see
me: another damnation detected
Jewel: It is
me: must correct the path
Jewel: I dun care how u get rich
me: ahahahahhahahaha
Jewel: As long as with legal way
me: so i need to find some young girl and start pimping them. It is just as free will.
me: same theory
( no more reply... )

I am still logically awesome.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gaji tarak keluar YEEETTTT!!!!

Was send to a dreaded outstation place for a meeting today... The thing is, my monthly salary is not out yet.... So I gather what I have in wherever I can... piggy banks.... hidden stash.. etc.... and final figure... $80+. Sigh, and I though of buying a longtime friend lunch.

Before go, GirlBoy kindly loan me $50 which I gleefully accept. My drive up there is unevenful... except I finally break my driving speed record of 200km/h HOOOYAAAHHHH.... DEM HIGHHHH!!! Ahem... hope I won't receive any summons for it. Well, driving fast burned your fuel faster. At the petrol station, I found that my credit card is spoilt.... have to use cash T_T

When you are down on luck... they really kicked you more. The meeting lasted sooner than expected... totally needless of me to attend $#^*&@!^%#*&^%@$#!#%

But the funny thing is.. as the meeting ended earlier, I called an ex-housemate cum good buddy and he just happens to be nearby... and we have a great time catching up.

After that.... meet another longtime friend for a tea.... hmmmmm......

ends up not a bad day..... but still no money solutions... dem stupid credit card

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Childhood Heroes Gone... RIP MACHO MAN

November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunset Photography Trial

I was exiled to a three-day risk management studies thingy at a very run down resort lately. Since I am going there, I brought my camera along as I always wanted to take the sunset.

The first day after all the boring mumbo-jumbo, I grab my camera on the evening break and waited for the sunset. I did took quite a lot of photos, and feed a lot of mosquitoes too.

The sun is setting, seems I am rewarded for the patience and mosquito blood. And after the above photo....

The battery went dead.... no sunset photo T_T

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to shithole

After barely recovering from my illness..... I'm back to old shithole project again...
Sigh... this is really depressing.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

High Roll Mojo

It was time that I was stricken with illness again and my boss choses this time to go on a holiday. Well, its actually boss holiday.. then me sick.... but you get my point...

So I have to attend a key meeting on his behalf since he was away. It's actually a meeting full of bloodsucking imp. They do nothing, but demand everything type. Here I am in my element, even with my barely audible voice, I managed the fend them off... shoot them down. WOW... I AM ON A ROLL BABY!!!!

After a break, I proceed to have smaller group discussion where I managed to solved some issues. YES... STILL ROLLING... MY MOJO'S AWESOME.....

Then one of them said to me...
"You left your zippers down....."

Well, the goes my high roll......

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

aLittleMisfit first hand experience on INFLATION

I've gone to my regular neighborhood's barber for my monthly hair cut (I STILL HAVE SOME HAIR LEFT MIND U!)

They charges me $6 instead of the previous $5.

Whoooaaa... that's an increase of 20% !!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chinese New Year Preparation

Yep, looks like I'm all done preparing this year

Geong Hee Fatt Chai!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Work & Kolig

Well, the new year isn't a good time for being emo-ing
But sadly, with the workload and my sad personal state. I am... partially laaaa....

Back to our topic, lets just introduce to some of my office colleagues.

Well, to start with, I have now a junior that report under me, lets call her Tiny. Tiny while OK in her work that I "delegate" to her, she seems to be in a tie up type in personal life. Never been oversea, hardly out traveling, very bossy boyfriend, kampung type girl where any aunt / neighbor / next door cat have problem also involve her type.

Tiny seems quite frequently on the phone on personal matters and easily falls sick. She does cry easily type, I think. Well, how do you explained when she does a mistake, and before I get a chance to even lecture her, she runs of crying? I RAGEEEEE before I can even get a change to RAGE.

Me and other more old colleagues did suggest her to get some suppliment. Not viaga for female, but multivitamins or cod liver oil. While we were talking about cod liver oil, my ex-assistant (lets call her cuddybear now for the easy reference) said:

"Don't know why, these cod liver oil taste just like fish!"
Ooooo boy.

Cuddybear (Ex-Assistant)
Now assist Girlboy, and part of the reason why girlboy PMS so much lately.
Before the past Hari Raya, I did mentioned the need for medical insurance, she assured me that she planned to buy one, after the raya expenses. And what do you know, just after raya she goes on and purchase an expensive phone.
And then she got dengue. Spend a week on ICU, 2 months on mc. And then I offered to buy her durians while she was still in hospital recovering.
Now that she's back working, she's even more blur. But I do have more fun with her around, for example:
"Cuddy, how many inches in 1 feet"
Cuddy, "Errr... 3"
See, soo fun.

Well, this is part of the headache I have in the office right now.
Girlboy, as you can refer to work related post earlier... while he is OK personally, at work he is dem annoying. He can play only 1 song repeatedly the WHOLE DAY and out of random burst out singing the chorus with it.
Last time while he was a junior, I always did make fun of him. But since now he have his own assistant, I try to avoid making him "lose face". In fact, I rather avoid him at work all together... tehehehe.
I do think lately he have a lot of issues communicating with other colleagues, causing me the out who pick up the pieces/shit/leftovers/scolding/ etc all the non-healthy-for-brain-stuff.

While I can donate entire long post ranting about this, thinking it alone gave me headache.

Me aka evil aka jahat aka bad
Me? Apart being the one who have to pick up everyshit.
I am an asshole as usual.

... no not you readers....