Friday, January 28, 2011

Work & Kolig

Well, the new year isn't a good time for being emo-ing
But sadly, with the workload and my sad personal state. I am... partially laaaa....

Back to our topic, lets just introduce to some of my office colleagues.

Well, to start with, I have now a junior that report under me, lets call her Tiny. Tiny while OK in her work that I "delegate" to her, she seems to be in a tie up type in personal life. Never been oversea, hardly out traveling, very bossy boyfriend, kampung type girl where any aunt / neighbor / next door cat have problem also involve her type.

Tiny seems quite frequently on the phone on personal matters and easily falls sick. She does cry easily type, I think. Well, how do you explained when she does a mistake, and before I get a chance to even lecture her, she runs of crying? I RAGEEEEE before I can even get a change to RAGE.

Me and other more old colleagues did suggest her to get some suppliment. Not viaga for female, but multivitamins or cod liver oil. While we were talking about cod liver oil, my ex-assistant (lets call her cuddybear now for the easy reference) said:

"Don't know why, these cod liver oil taste just like fish!"
Ooooo boy.

Cuddybear (Ex-Assistant)
Now assist Girlboy, and part of the reason why girlboy PMS so much lately.
Before the past Hari Raya, I did mentioned the need for medical insurance, she assured me that she planned to buy one, after the raya expenses. And what do you know, just after raya she goes on and purchase an expensive phone.
And then she got dengue. Spend a week on ICU, 2 months on mc. And then I offered to buy her durians while she was still in hospital recovering.
Now that she's back working, she's even more blur. But I do have more fun with her around, for example:
"Cuddy, how many inches in 1 feet"
Cuddy, "Errr... 3"
See, soo fun.

Well, this is part of the headache I have in the office right now.
Girlboy, as you can refer to work related post earlier... while he is OK personally, at work he is dem annoying. He can play only 1 song repeatedly the WHOLE DAY and out of random burst out singing the chorus with it.
Last time while he was a junior, I always did make fun of him. But since now he have his own assistant, I try to avoid making him "lose face". In fact, I rather avoid him at work all together... tehehehe.
I do think lately he have a lot of issues communicating with other colleagues, causing me the out who pick up the pieces/shit/leftovers/scolding/ etc all the non-healthy-for-brain-stuff.

While I can donate entire long post ranting about this, thinking it alone gave me headache.

Me aka evil aka jahat aka bad
Me? Apart being the one who have to pick up everyshit.
I am an asshole as usual.

... no not you readers....

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