Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friends are needed for lifetime?

As I was preparing sandwich for dinner, I ponder upon a text conversation with an friend few days ago that ends well.... not well.

Friends huh? Friends are an important part of lifes. Of course, friends comes and go.
Life sometimes reach a stage where you wonder the importance of friends, their value in your heart etc. Perhaps some people always care less of you regardless of what you wonder.
Then you reach another stage where you care less of friends or people.
Another stage where you're friends are gone, mostly cause you out-lives them. Haha.

So all this thinking makes me going to mess up my salami and tuna. You of course wants your food to be nice, therefore concentrate on my awesome sandwich.

But not for long, should I take initiative? And what? Ends up hurt or looking like a total jerk thrash to be tossed aside later again when no needed?

And then I come to an important realizations. Sort of achieve enlightenment.

I realize....

What the HELL am I doing in the kitchen making sandwich?!?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Republic.... AWSM!

Yes, Star Wars plays a part of my childhood. I could always imagine maneuvering my X-Wing around hilly areas, enjoying the view from up above. I still do.

Since the major disappointment of Revenge of the Sith. The Star Wars spirit is saved by Old Republic Series. Just too bad that I will definitely miss this latest offering MMO.

However, the trailer is still DAMN KAO AWEEEESYYUUMMM!!!!! I "dislike" posting any videos, but this one is an exception.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Misfit does a Tucker

It is good feelings when you tell people because of your bluntness and finally proving the you are awesome and correct. Not unlike Tucker.

It all started today Daisy, old old friend and ardent follower of religious teaching, obviously having a bad day, posted "Boikot -ve" in her msn status.
Well, the thing with religious people is, they are very stubborn, but easily proven wrong. But their fanatic and craziness makes them immune to the obvious fact when they're wrong.

Daisy: i boikot negative people
me: i'm negative, so boikot each other?
Daisy: OK, as per ur request
Daisy: i hate negative ppl
Daisy: hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
me: hate is a negative word
Daisy: so hate is together with negative ppl lo
Daisy: do u understand or not
Daisy: hateeeeeeeeeee
me: against good teaching
me: u hate... is negative
me: bad
me: so u negative
me: please hate yourself too
Daisy: i dun agreed 
Daisy: and i dun want to argue to u
Daisy: is up to u
( Daisy Offline )

Then it so happen Eve, another old friend of both me and Daisy drop the line in just after Daisy left.
Eve works in the ultimate border limit legal field of work know as Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) aka Homebreaker leaching heartless cheating field.
So I happen to tell her about Daisy's Positive/Negative thoughts earlier and it ends up with this.

Eve: tonite i hv to stay until 11pm
me: u power worker
me: different
Eve: i am forced to
Eve: wasn't my choice :(
me: so now no need work ar?
Eve: 2 bosses not slacking while I can
me: oooh, stay until 11 for wat?
Eve: got function....every thur is a must....
me: who ask u join this cheat people type company
Eve: pls lah when onli u wan to believe tat MLM co hv bright future....ahahahhaha :P
me: u parasite on other people
Eve: pls lah 
Eve: can v stop t topic
me: buthurt
Eve: others topic to chat wit me???
me: i'm happy to make u angry
Eve: sori i am not angry
me: oh wait.... must positively enlighten u to correct way
me: ahahahahahah
Eve: i just dun wan to waste my time onli
me: u R wasting ur time there
Eve: sorry 
me: and burning your soul
Eve: i can c my future here
Eve: lalallallal
me: parasite
Eve: i hv to stop here as i dun wan the -ve energy from u
Eve: tata
me: ahahahaha
me: waaiiit... let me save you from the eternal flame of burning hell... don't goooo
( no more reply... )

So just after Eve, I moved on to Jewel, the temperamental princess. Newer old pals, but crazily into the superficial metropolitan  lifestyle now <--- Really can't understand what these are about.

me: ahhahaha... now flaming my friend
me: oh wai~ the correct word is enlightment... show to correct path... hahahahaha
Jewel: Cheh
me: she work at mlm company... i called her parasite
Jewel: Nothing wrong with mlm
me: lol
me: u also
Jewel: As long as get money
me: see
me: another damnation detected
Jewel: It is
me: must correct the path
Jewel: I dun care how u get rich
me: ahahahahhahahaha
Jewel: As long as with legal way
me: so i need to find some young girl and start pimping them. It is just as free will.
me: same theory
( no more reply... )

I am still logically awesome.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gaji tarak keluar YEEETTTT!!!!

Was send to a dreaded outstation place for a meeting today... The thing is, my monthly salary is not out yet.... So I gather what I have in wherever I can... piggy banks.... hidden stash.. etc.... and final figure... $80+. Sigh, and I though of buying a longtime friend lunch.

Before go, GirlBoy kindly loan me $50 which I gleefully accept. My drive up there is unevenful... except I finally break my driving speed record of 200km/h HOOOYAAAHHHH.... DEM HIGHHHH!!! Ahem... hope I won't receive any summons for it. Well, driving fast burned your fuel faster. At the petrol station, I found that my credit card is spoilt.... have to use cash T_T

When you are down on luck... they really kicked you more. The meeting lasted sooner than expected... totally needless of me to attend $#^*&@!^%#*&^%@$#!#%

But the funny thing is.. as the meeting ended earlier, I called an ex-housemate cum good buddy and he just happens to be nearby... and we have a great time catching up.

After that.... meet another longtime friend for a tea.... hmmmmm......

ends up not a bad day..... but still no money solutions... dem stupid credit card