Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friends are needed for lifetime?

As I was preparing sandwich for dinner, I ponder upon a text conversation with an friend few days ago that ends well.... not well.

Friends huh? Friends are an important part of lifes. Of course, friends comes and go.
Life sometimes reach a stage where you wonder the importance of friends, their value in your heart etc. Perhaps some people always care less of you regardless of what you wonder.
Then you reach another stage where you care less of friends or people.
Another stage where you're friends are gone, mostly cause you out-lives them. Haha.

So all this thinking makes me going to mess up my salami and tuna. You of course wants your food to be nice, therefore concentrate on my awesome sandwich.

But not for long, should I take initiative? And what? Ends up hurt or looking like a total jerk thrash to be tossed aside later again when no needed?

And then I come to an important realizations. Sort of achieve enlightenment.

I realize....

What the HELL am I doing in the kitchen making sandwich?!?!

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