Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunglass Break

My unapologetic colleague accidently stepped on my sunglasses when she step into my car during lunch hour carpool. It felled on the car floor and she just stepped on it. I am not asking you to pay for it but AT LEAST shows a bit sorry over it LA!

I bought this when I got my first paycheck. Sort of remind me of lives... You can't go on living forever. Well, it does serves it's purpose well. RIP

Oh wai~ it's still in my car.. haven't dump it yet

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Moon's Restaurant

Daisy drop me a message just after her return from New Zealand holiday.

Daisy: Hey, your friend moon open a thai restaurant at NZ!
Me: Huh?
Me: How u know?
Daisy: I got photo to prove.
Me: Is it?

This comes of a surprised to me, how did Daisy knew about my friend Moon? Though both are close friend, they are from different stage of my life. It was a surprise to me as something big like this for Moon, at least I should know from her. And coincidentally Moon was there last year with her family. They planned to open a restaurant there the whole time and I don't know?
That sort of hurts.

Me: Wah.. how do you know her?
Daisy: Did u open the photo i sent to u?
Me: Email to me
Daisy: Okok
Daisy: Sent liao
Me: Ok
(Expecting to see Moon cutting a ribbon or some kind)

And I See THIS!