Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Moon's Restaurant

Daisy drop me a message just after her return from New Zealand holiday.

Daisy: Hey, your friend moon open a thai restaurant at NZ!
Me: Huh?
Me: How u know?
Daisy: I got photo to prove.
Me: Is it?

This comes of a surprised to me, how did Daisy knew about my friend Moon? Though both are close friend, they are from different stage of my life. It was a surprise to me as something big like this for Moon, at least I should know from her. And coincidentally Moon was there last year with her family. They planned to open a restaurant there the whole time and I don't know?
That sort of hurts.

Me: Wah.. how do you know her?
Daisy: Did u open the photo i sent to u?
Me: Email to me
Daisy: Okok
Daisy: Sent liao
Me: Ok
(Expecting to see Moon cutting a ribbon or some kind)

And I See THIS!


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