Monday, October 31, 2011

Japanese Working Ethics Awesomeness!

It has came into my attention, or rather lack of it for this blog update. There are a couple of reason behind it, depress, busy, lazy, etc.... but hey, I'm back with this update.

I was in charge lately of a project that involves Japanese client. It was a joint venture project where the technical aspect will be handled by the Japanese. The thing with Japanese is, they are very hand-on. They will check quite throughout as like it is not ethically but lawfully. Heck, I was surrounded and "interrogated" by not one, but THREE senior managers and chief engineers. Luckily I survived, not bad for someone nearly flunked his degree. This future project MD, was already based here and on the ground even before any office was set up. He practically was overseeing even the hard labor work. I'm telling you, you won't see this happens for Malaysian MD, ever.

It was again during the meeting for the Japanese project that I chaired. The contractor wanted to proposed a "better" option and product in hoping of speeding up the job. The sales team, hoping to hit this sales, proudly showcase their product, presentations video etc. After the presentation, the MD politely went over to the presentation board, and ask

"What is the value for this constant of your product?"

I was practically holding my laughter looking at the shocked face of those sales person. The material parameters he asked was beyond even my understanding.

After the sales team carefully sidestep this questions, another question was asked by a very senior and equally nice engineer on the practicality of that product. He explained to me earlier that Japan have in fact used it 10 years ago. HAHAHAHA!

Again, a salesgirl explained that 10 years was a long time, and the product in fact have been improved and overcame that certain limitation. And to that, the engineer smiled and replied

"I don't believe."

OMG ROFL! The looked on the sales team says it all. This practically makes up for all the boring and stressful meeting earlier. These guys are AWESOME!

So I hereby bestowed and viewed upon them as Ultramans.

Though Godzilla is still more AWESOME!

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