Thursday, November 24, 2011

Belated Awesome!

I went back for sort of an earlier family reunion dinner yesterday. It was also for my mom's and bro birthday celebration.

However, it was the day they compensate my earlier belated birthday gift. So my gift is more awesome than my mom's TWO banquet of flowers (Which 1 was robbed by my niece)

Ha... So I am still logically awesome!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Iz Timing Awesome

Again it was the time when I am so darn lack of working time due to Tiny's resignation which/ caused my work stress which caused by work unhappiness which caused by Girlboy!

There was 1 project which have a darn annoying client and architect where they keep rushing your design and then changed it after you completed it.

They keep changing even the meeting timing and WILL blame you if you have earlier appointment and can't attend to it.

So, on there was a scheduled meeting on Friday 2:30pm which I have not done ANYTHING for this project yet. Going there would only result me being the delay scapegoat. And this meeting to me is a waste of time.

I intend to start depart from my office only on 2:30pm. Prompting a reply,

Siowgirl :  =.= so yong sui meh? ppl wait4 u

On 2:26pm, i received a message:
Meeting postponed to next week

See, my timing is AWESOME!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Because Cows is on the Road

My friend Mr.Edu is very proud of his new red Prius.

 In a hot sunny day, where he have to rushed for a meeting, driving his prius over, he was blocked on the road by a herd of cows.

Slowing down, suddenly his car was knocked over by something. He thought it was a careless driver.

Glancing over, it was only a bull charging at his RED car.


Perhaps we should all drive a red tank.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Asshole Diaries #1000002

My young kid cousin was having a birthday party; me & wife was invited over.

As it was a more last minute decision, my wife decided to present my cousin a beauty product that she likes. Since it was my wife thing, I was tasked to wrap it as my contribution.

So I looked at the wrappers, thinking of the work, and saw the pastry box i bought to celebrate my own birthday a few days earlier which almost the whole world didn't know.

Basically, the box is just slightly bigger than the gift. So i just minor clean the box off pastry crumbs, and placed the gift inside.

Just like this

Cover the Box, inside the original bakery's plastic bag

And the wrapping is DONE!

I asked my wife to hand over the present since it is her "contribution" after all, but she was having none of it.. Shheehhh.. spoilsports.

Then we headed over, and little cousin was outside her house bbq-ing with her school friends.
'Adding body fat cousin?' Came my greetings 'Here, I bought roasted pork bun as your gift.'

Well, the look on her face says it all.