Monday, November 07, 2011

Asshole Diaries #1000002

My young kid cousin was having a birthday party; me & wife was invited over.

As it was a more last minute decision, my wife decided to present my cousin a beauty product that she likes. Since it was my wife thing, I was tasked to wrap it as my contribution.

So I looked at the wrappers, thinking of the work, and saw the pastry box i bought to celebrate my own birthday a few days earlier which almost the whole world didn't know.

Basically, the box is just slightly bigger than the gift. So i just minor clean the box off pastry crumbs, and placed the gift inside.

Just like this

Cover the Box, inside the original bakery's plastic bag

And the wrapping is DONE!

I asked my wife to hand over the present since it is her "contribution" after all, but she was having none of it.. Shheehhh.. spoilsports.

Then we headed over, and little cousin was outside her house bbq-ing with her school friends.
'Adding body fat cousin?' Came my greetings 'Here, I bought roasted pork bun as your gift.'

Well, the look on her face says it all.


edtan5 said...

u sucks... wakakakaa....

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