Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Iz Timing Awesome

Again it was the time when I am so darn lack of working time due to Tiny's resignation which/ caused my work stress which caused by work unhappiness which caused by Girlboy!

There was 1 project which have a darn annoying client and architect where they keep rushing your design and then changed it after you completed it.

They keep changing even the meeting timing and WILL blame you if you have earlier appointment and can't attend to it.

So, on there was a scheduled meeting on Friday 2:30pm which I have not done ANYTHING for this project yet. Going there would only result me being the delay scapegoat. And this meeting to me is a waste of time.

I intend to start depart from my office only on 2:30pm. Prompting a reply,

Siowgirl :  =.= so yong sui meh? ppl wait4 u

On 2:26pm, i received a message:
Meeting postponed to next week

See, my timing is AWESOME!

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