Thursday, November 08, 2012

Misfit Gordon Ramsey

It seems I am hooked Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course lately and I tried to experiment some of the dishes. So seems like the easier and more interesting ones is pasta.

So here goes:
aLittleMisfit's Pork Pasta with Spinach and Biscuit Crumbs

So how would it taste like? Hmmm.. not tasty enough... but still acceptable. Therefore instead of Misfit's Pork Pasta with Spinach and Biscuit Crumbs, it shall be named as aLittleMisfit's Pork Pasta with Spinach and Biscuit Crumbs.


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Disadvantage of Tight Undies

Well, update to my resignation story. My boss text-ed me earlier asking me to stay, saying he shall up my salary and try fulfill whatever request I had.

After a few days when we finally got a change to talk over this matter. In fact, I just barely managed to met him as he was going oversea the very next day.

I did raise some one my concern to boss such as
"Are you sure you can afford raising all of our salaries? You might suffer as next year seems will be a bad time for our business?"
To which boss casually replies.
"I will suffer more if you left."
STEP 1: Know your worth. CHECKED!

Me: "But my brain can't keep designing stuff for long."
Boss: "You start delegate work to others. More to manage them."
STEP 2: Offload unwanted task. STALEMATE! (Have to manage those monkeys)

Me: "I wanted to work towards my future planning. I have to."
Boss: "Ok, that project is too big for me to fail, you help concentrate on this foremost."
STEP 3: Work towards your future goal. CHECKED!

Yay, now FINAL STEP: To reap benefits.
Boss: "I will offer you additional $$$$ from that project per month!"
Me thinking it is quite a good offer, but still lower than the one I was offered by others. So I request boss to increase slightly but still lower than that offer.
Boss: "Ok, deal."
Me: "Thanks boss, but I still need some time to consider this. Can I tell you later? I will text you when you are oversea." Again, we greedy but cannot admit we greedy.
Boss: "Can."

Well, I go home happy and almost made up my mind to stay. However, only later that I realised that I wore a tight undies that day. My balls are squeezed! I should have use this opportunities to squeeze my boss instead and ask for same salary with what others offered me.

Lesson: Don't Squeeze your own balls to a negotiations.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Job Hoping Debacles

It's been a long long months for me.

In the job offer issue, to summarize it:
i) Interview, the boss say ok. I will offer you what you want, except the salary will be lower.
ii) I wait 1 week before saying yes to them.
iii) The offer letter spent 2 weeks to be produced, and not the post I wanted.
iv) I express my unhappiness. Request changes. Pending their confirmation.

v) No reply for 1 month, and they think I will still joining them.
vi) I deny that after one of their managers called. I say they have not "get back" on me yet.

v) Received the new offer letter, but subjected to deferred joining date due to my resignation 8 week notice.
vi) After 1 month, which I have forgotten and no mood for it. I finally received the offer letter.
vii) They gave me EXACTLY 8 weeks period to join them.

So here again comes the headache part. DO I OR DO I NOT change?
Higher Salary
Different Line
Girlboy is getting annoyingly shitty to the stage where I rather quit or boss fire him

Not To GO
New place also shitty, just look at how my job offer drags on.
Shittier boss
Long working days
New things to learn and cope

Well, me being me. I just let circumstances decides. I just tender the resignation letter and let the boss decide.

So the boss "shockingly" receive my letter, and ask me whether if this is final and is there anything he can "do to let me stay."

What do he expect me  to answer? I just reply "eermm.. nevermind"

I just felt like Van Persie now.
Being greedy does not means we admit being greedy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Job Offers

Waiting job offer... news getting around. I felt like a footballer with transfer rumors circulating around.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fragility of Life

It just so happen that I drop by my aunt shop for a quick visit. It's unintentional but since I passed by might as well as visit them. Aunt as usual, always prepared meal for me (they're in food business) and we talked.

But the actual point and story of this post is my eldest cousin, he too drop by and visit this aunt frequently. Oh well, at since the start of his chemo therapy.

It have been two or three month already since the diagnostic. After all the pain he gone through and a second lump, it seems there was now a third. He leg is numb, half of his face is too.. just when he thought the chemo therapy just balance another two session.

Seeing him bearing the pain just by going out from the car and to a seat... I don't think I would ever be strong enough to go through it. It pained just to look.. It just radiated sorrow. And there is nothing I can say and do to really helps....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Carol's Wedding

There was quite something going on with life.. especially working life that I would like to pen down but don't really know how to express it.

So last weekend cousin's wedding is quite a relieve yet hectic and tiring break for me.

As the designated "cheapest" photographer.. I think I did a good job this time. Enclose below is some sample... (Fuah... wrote too much formal letters lately.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sai Lang!!

I pocket left rm4.. i sai lang 4d

waiting tonight result

Monday, May 21, 2012

Banting Polytechnic

1 more month to finally ending this project. Politeknik Banting. Wooohoooo... no more dealing with this projects imbecile!!!

Toy.. toying...

Gloomy ICT center.... for future kids torture chambers! LOL

Bare soil view of the Library. Kidda spoit the view without grass.

The MRO... I honestly pray that this structure won't collapse.

Seriously. It's been that long. Please finish this project.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Low Salary Blues

It's really been disheartening when your salary is almost half of what other same rank people getting in other field. Haizzzz......

Saturday, April 07, 2012

As Expected

Dear aLittleMisfit, Thank you for applying to the position of Project Manager (Based in Bali). After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Continuation of Misfit Interview Job

After the incident of My Misfit Interview and knowingly that I sucks at interviews, I failed nailing the job.

However, to my defense, the job didn't really have the opening on my time of application. But... so happen to log in their website lately and found that the job finally have an opening.

So without delay, I filled up all the forms, and applied!


Only to realized of a mistaken selection field. And the bloody dumb website won't let me change it!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012


If you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced.

That's why people with no sense of humour have an increased sense of self-importance.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Putrajaya's Balloon Fiesta

Balloon on Misfit's back!

In summary, the events' sucks!
Saved by nice photography and Putrajaya's nice landscape and architecture scenery.

Oh, I was interviews by a real bad newspaper... I and answered badly in a real bad newspaper!!!
Keep finger crossed it won't be published with my face on it.

Don't you wish you can blast them off like the classic Balloon Game?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Merry Go Round

Life is like riding a merry go round....
There's up.... There's down..........
............. Too much of it will make u dizzy!

- aLittleMisfit

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Misfit's Pesto

In my quest for living healthier and simpler eating habit this year, I tried doing pesto after learning that it was a truly multipurpose food. Which kinda suits me well.

So, gaining the simple idea of what to buy. It's not really cheap. In fact, it's kinda expensive.
Extra virgin olive oil 250ml = $14.
Stupid raw walnut which I have to roast myself = $7.
Fresh basil = $6

Upon reaching home, I checked the internet on the exact recipe and found that my basil is not sufficient. So, what did I do? USED WHAT I HAVE ONLY LA! What else? Too lazy to go buying again.
So, Basil 1 packet = 2 cupful ( I think actual need 4)
Walnut = 1/3 cup
Olive oil = 1/2cup
A bit salt and pepper ( Just put little without actual tasting )
No cheese
No lemon juice

Everything into the blender

Final Finished Product inside a small ice cream container

And for dinner, I prepared pesto pasta. With lettuce, spinach, and Pork Bacon with proper arrangement.

How was it you ask? Too oily.... Eat a lot felt very giddy. This is the leftovers.



Friday, February 10, 2012

Asshole Diaries #1000003

One of my colleague bought a premium phone without any discount. Imagine, 2 unit together with his brother without any discount where every other shop is throwing discount! After being laughed by us. This phone became faulty just after 2 days. JUST 2 DAYS for Samsung Galaxy S2 nett price $1899.

The shop he bought the phone from did not exchange it to him but send it back for warranty. After a few days of grumbling the phone and brand sucks. He got fed-up and planned to just abandon the phone.

Me, being me, adding oil to the fire.
"Yeah! Yeah! Lousy phone, sell to me for $800."
He pissing off, "No way! At least $1000 to get me even considered, but must tell my brother sold at $1400"

"Tell you what. Sell me $800 and I will tell your bro I bought at $1600"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Misfit Home DIY

It's nearing Chinese New Year again and I used some recycled stuff to make a cover for my house "fish pond" and a bench to put some of the missus stuff.

Enough said... the result is really $*^%@*!#%*&#$%$*@#**!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Misfit Interview

I have receive a forwarded mail from Marigold lately, which she received from a friend's friend's friend, perhaps another 5 time more friend's.

The content of the email was job vacancies from an international hotel-chain for projects around asia. I don't know what came over me and I am overcame by the YES MAN plethora.

So some quick advise from Marigold and Jewel just heightened my resolve to finally apply for new job, just for the sake of applying.

CV have never been updated since the 1st year I worked. It's kinda funny trying to remember what you do and studies at my age. When it was finally done, I seems a bit uncertain but I still mail it.

To note here, my office firefox can't seems to allow the "attachment" in Hotmail. Hence I mailed using my Yahoo. At there I was, waiting like some orphaned kids waiting for Christmas gift. I keep checking my Yahoo, asked Marigold if the mail was a hoax. She's so sweet. If people asked me that, my standard reply would be: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA"

The next week (mon), still no reply, kinda gived up on it. Then I checked my Hotmail, and there it was, REPLY SINCE LAST FRIDAY! What the hell?! I've send using Yahoo and got a reply at Hotmail?!?! How the hell that happen?!
Marigold asked me: "What is the mail you wrote on your CV?"
Ishh, you just can't beat a job hoppers experience.

The reply asked for my confirmation for a phone interview on Tuesday 4pm. As it was my working time, I lied that I have a meeting around 3pm and ask for a later time. The reply came quick, the HR manager ask, "Is 4.30 fine then?" I am speechless but agreed this time. I am feeling darn insecure. Well, this is my 1st interview in 10 years after all. I was like a pussy.

Myky44 sums it very easy for me:
"Take your hand, hold it out in front of u then put it down on your crotch and feel if your balls are still there."

So came Tuesday, there was a meeting in the morning which I sought advised from a senior manager about working overseas. He advised me to ask for a much higher salary than I am looking for. Sort of being brainwashed by him. ASK FOR HIGH PAY COMPARED WITH WHAT YOU ARE GETTING.

Reach office around 3:30pm, came all sort of works and queries by my colleagues. Didn't get any free time for any preparation. 4:10pm, boss came up and met me, he was discussing about the project/work for the whole year. 4:15pm, boss left to my relieve.

4:30pm, the call came in. The HR manager's voice was sweet. All the standard question, asking my experience etc. It's funny when she asked what is my biggest achievement and I honestly can't think of any but bullshit. Then she asked about my chinese proficiency. I told her, TALK AWESOME! WRITE RETARD LEVEL! (this is not verbatim but something hidden like that) and I think she cross out my chances of working in China.

She asked about other place. Indonesia. I ask which place there is vacancy left. She said BALI. Is it ok with me? Of course LA! Then she asked what is the salary package I am getting now. Oh bummer.. there goes my "GET HIGH SALARY" plan out of window.

So finally I asked what Exactly is the job scope as the email didn't really mentioned in depth. I found out that HR is still HR. They know nuts about what technical people is actually doing but I gather enough information to figure it out. Hence my confidence/ego shoot straight to the stars and I told her:
"Like that I can be the PM instead of DPM."

I think it will be a miracle if the scheduled review and reply from the director in 2 weeks time will be favorable to me.