Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Misfit Home DIY

It's nearing Chinese New Year again and I used some recycled stuff to make a cover for my house "fish pond" and a bench to put some of the missus stuff.

Enough said... the result is really $*^%@*!#%*&#$%$*@#**!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Misfit Interview

I have receive a forwarded mail from Marigold lately, which she received from a friend's friend's friend, perhaps another 5 time more friend's.

The content of the email was job vacancies from an international hotel-chain for projects around asia. I don't know what came over me and I am overcame by the YES MAN plethora.

So some quick advise from Marigold and Jewel just heightened my resolve to finally apply for new job, just for the sake of applying.

CV have never been updated since the 1st year I worked. It's kinda funny trying to remember what you do and studies at my age. When it was finally done, I seems a bit uncertain but I still mail it.

To note here, my office firefox can't seems to allow the "attachment" in Hotmail. Hence I mailed using my Yahoo. At there I was, waiting like some orphaned kids waiting for Christmas gift. I keep checking my Yahoo, asked Marigold if the mail was a hoax. She's so sweet. If people asked me that, my standard reply would be: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA"

The next week (mon), still no reply, kinda gived up on it. Then I checked my Hotmail, and there it was, REPLY SINCE LAST FRIDAY! What the hell?! I've send using Yahoo and got a reply at Hotmail?!?! How the hell that happen?!
Marigold asked me: "What is the mail you wrote on your CV?"
Ishh, you just can't beat a job hoppers experience.

The reply asked for my confirmation for a phone interview on Tuesday 4pm. As it was my working time, I lied that I have a meeting around 3pm and ask for a later time. The reply came quick, the HR manager ask, "Is 4.30 fine then?" I am speechless but agreed this time. I am feeling darn insecure. Well, this is my 1st interview in 10 years after all. I was like a pussy.

Myky44 sums it very easy for me:
"Take your hand, hold it out in front of u then put it down on your crotch and feel if your balls are still there."

So came Tuesday, there was a meeting in the morning which I sought advised from a senior manager about working overseas. He advised me to ask for a much higher salary than I am looking for. Sort of being brainwashed by him. ASK FOR HIGH PAY COMPARED WITH WHAT YOU ARE GETTING.

Reach office around 3:30pm, came all sort of works and queries by my colleagues. Didn't get any free time for any preparation. 4:10pm, boss came up and met me, he was discussing about the project/work for the whole year. 4:15pm, boss left to my relieve.

4:30pm, the call came in. The HR manager's voice was sweet. All the standard question, asking my experience etc. It's funny when she asked what is my biggest achievement and I honestly can't think of any but bullshit. Then she asked about my chinese proficiency. I told her, TALK AWESOME! WRITE RETARD LEVEL! (this is not verbatim but something hidden like that) and I think she cross out my chances of working in China.

She asked about other place. Indonesia. I ask which place there is vacancy left. She said BALI. Is it ok with me? Of course LA! Then she asked what is the salary package I am getting now. Oh bummer.. there goes my "GET HIGH SALARY" plan out of window.

So finally I asked what Exactly is the job scope as the email didn't really mentioned in depth. I found out that HR is still HR. They know nuts about what technical people is actually doing but I gather enough information to figure it out. Hence my confidence/ego shoot straight to the stars and I told her:
"Like that I can be the PM instead of DPM."

I think it will be a miracle if the scheduled review and reply from the director in 2 weeks time will be favorable to me.