Friday, February 10, 2012

Asshole Diaries #1000003

One of my colleague bought a premium phone without any discount. Imagine, 2 unit together with his brother without any discount where every other shop is throwing discount! After being laughed by us. This phone became faulty just after 2 days. JUST 2 DAYS for Samsung Galaxy S2 nett price $1899.

The shop he bought the phone from did not exchange it to him but send it back for warranty. After a few days of grumbling the phone and brand sucks. He got fed-up and planned to just abandon the phone.

Me, being me, adding oil to the fire.
"Yeah! Yeah! Lousy phone, sell to me for $800."
He pissing off, "No way! At least $1000 to get me even considered, but must tell my brother sold at $1400"

"Tell you what. Sell me $800 and I will tell your bro I bought at $1600"

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