Sunday, February 19, 2012

Misfit's Pesto

In my quest for living healthier and simpler eating habit this year, I tried doing pesto after learning that it was a truly multipurpose food. Which kinda suits me well.

So, gaining the simple idea of what to buy. It's not really cheap. In fact, it's kinda expensive.
Extra virgin olive oil 250ml = $14.
Stupid raw walnut which I have to roast myself = $7.
Fresh basil = $6

Upon reaching home, I checked the internet on the exact recipe and found that my basil is not sufficient. So, what did I do? USED WHAT I HAVE ONLY LA! What else? Too lazy to go buying again.
So, Basil 1 packet = 2 cupful ( I think actual need 4)
Walnut = 1/3 cup
Olive oil = 1/2cup
A bit salt and pepper ( Just put little without actual tasting )
No cheese
No lemon juice

Everything into the blender

Final Finished Product inside a small ice cream container

And for dinner, I prepared pesto pasta. With lettuce, spinach, and Pork Bacon with proper arrangement.

How was it you ask? Too oily.... Eat a lot felt very giddy. This is the leftovers.



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