Monday, May 21, 2012

Banting Polytechnic

1 more month to finally ending this project. Politeknik Banting. Wooohoooo... no more dealing with this projects imbecile!!!

Toy.. toying...

Gloomy ICT center.... for future kids torture chambers! LOL

Bare soil view of the Library. Kidda spoit the view without grass.

The MRO... I honestly pray that this structure won't collapse.

Seriously. It's been that long. Please finish this project.

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Pyanto said...

As a new resident to this poor newly built facility, I have to say I'm very disappointed with it's quality. Lots of visitors said it looked like a modern looking church from far. LOL
Apart from the worsening soil/land settlement and structure cracks, it's also leaking everywhere during heavy rain. Poor ergonomics with strange design and ridiculous door placement.
The lecturer hall is built like a detention center with no common lobby! I'm wondering who the hell in the first place approved this project.
Probably Uni Integrated hired some school dropouts to design this whole place..
If I have half a billion in my pocket I'd rather demolish all the buildings and built a new one instead.. kehkehkeh