Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Job Hoping Debacles

It's been a long long months for me.

In the job offer issue, to summarize it:
i) Interview, the boss say ok. I will offer you what you want, except the salary will be lower.
ii) I wait 1 week before saying yes to them.
iii) The offer letter spent 2 weeks to be produced, and not the post I wanted.
iv) I express my unhappiness. Request changes. Pending their confirmation.

v) No reply for 1 month, and they think I will still joining them.
vi) I deny that after one of their managers called. I say they have not "get back" on me yet.

v) Received the new offer letter, but subjected to deferred joining date due to my resignation 8 week notice.
vi) After 1 month, which I have forgotten and no mood for it. I finally received the offer letter.
vii) They gave me EXACTLY 8 weeks period to join them.

So here again comes the headache part. DO I OR DO I NOT change?
Higher Salary
Different Line
Girlboy is getting annoyingly shitty to the stage where I rather quit or boss fire him

Not To GO
New place also shitty, just look at how my job offer drags on.
Shittier boss
Long working days
New things to learn and cope

Well, me being me. I just let circumstances decides. I just tender the resignation letter and let the boss decide.

So the boss "shockingly" receive my letter, and ask me whether if this is final and is there anything he can "do to let me stay."

What do he expect me  to answer? I just reply "eermm.. nevermind"

I just felt like Van Persie now.
Being greedy does not means we admit being greedy.