Friday, September 14, 2012

The Disadvantage of Tight Undies

Well, update to my resignation story. My boss text-ed me earlier asking me to stay, saying he shall up my salary and try fulfill whatever request I had.

After a few days when we finally got a change to talk over this matter. In fact, I just barely managed to met him as he was going oversea the very next day.

I did raise some one my concern to boss such as
"Are you sure you can afford raising all of our salaries? You might suffer as next year seems will be a bad time for our business?"
To which boss casually replies.
"I will suffer more if you left."
STEP 1: Know your worth. CHECKED!

Me: "But my brain can't keep designing stuff for long."
Boss: "You start delegate work to others. More to manage them."
STEP 2: Offload unwanted task. STALEMATE! (Have to manage those monkeys)

Me: "I wanted to work towards my future planning. I have to."
Boss: "Ok, that project is too big for me to fail, you help concentrate on this foremost."
STEP 3: Work towards your future goal. CHECKED!

Yay, now FINAL STEP: To reap benefits.
Boss: "I will offer you additional $$$$ from that project per month!"
Me thinking it is quite a good offer, but still lower than the one I was offered by others. So I request boss to increase slightly but still lower than that offer.
Boss: "Ok, deal."
Me: "Thanks boss, but I still need some time to consider this. Can I tell you later? I will text you when you are oversea." Again, we greedy but cannot admit we greedy.
Boss: "Can."

Well, I go home happy and almost made up my mind to stay. However, only later that I realised that I wore a tight undies that day. My balls are squeezed! I should have use this opportunities to squeeze my boss instead and ask for same salary with what others offered me.

Lesson: Don't Squeeze your own balls to a negotiations.