Monday, April 08, 2013

Misfit and the clinic

In recent event that grant me food sprees. I was struck by diarrhea.

It have gotten bad last night where the shit I shat would be mistaken noisy lorry.

Spit splat. In fact, If I hold my tummy right. I could organized a farting band. Geddit? geddit? "Fart"ing band.

Well, me being me. Figures that going to the government clinic might have saves me some money. And so there's one less than a km away from the place I'm working.

So I drove over... keyword "drove" cause
1. I am lazy.
2. My leg is in nearly jelly state after shitting and lack of sleep the whole night.

So upon reaching, I nonchalantly walked in, and ask for the registration.
The nurse just glare up to me... and said :

"Sir, this is a maternity clinic."