Sunday, June 23, 2013

Retrial for Rice cooker meal

After a spite of failure cooking using the rice cooker. I finally get it right.

Bittergrout tofu soup and rice cooker pork rice


Thank you to No-frills recipes blog for the idea.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Missing you Big Guy

Hey, here I post the your final journey photo for you to see. Since you refused to do those dumb cute girl pose for me during the hospital visit, this will do.

So what can I do now? My portable HDD is full because you wanted to copy the movies hence I can't delete them. I can't rant you for copying all my trademark "pattern" and quotes.

Can't AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA you when you screw up. Can't complaint or hear you complaint.
No more weekend coffee mates.

You were saying you'd played Futurama at my funeral. But here you go... conveniently leaving first. Sorry I forgot to played it at yours. Paiseh wait kena wack by your family laaaa....

Number also you still won't let me kena -_-"

Final Journey

Don't worry. I will continue to troll people as our custom. Be assured we will miss you. Bye.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

In Memory of Baozzz

One of my best friend Baozzz passed away yesterday afternoon due to lung infection. He was in hospital for more than 2 weeks before succumbing to illness. Fucking useless bloodsucker doctors.

We knew from Malaccan Thread forum in Where most people will miss him. I certainly would. World is getting less with good friends.

Oh ya, this is the last pic he took:

Hospital meal

You shall always in our heart friend.You are missing out on your favourite strawberry ice-creams, fresh brew coffee, and of course. Us.

 Rest in peace.