Wednesday, January 29, 2014

aLittle Horse Chinese New Year 2014 misfit celebration

Guess what? its my life 3rd cycle.. Oh yeah... I still alive

but without much achievement :(
I'm a lazy bum.

On other note. This year, I decided to skip buying new shoes and sandals cause I am so god damn lazy even to wear them. I decided to buy some god damn expensive slipper... Mostest expensive ever bought.. and I looks super sissy. Sigh.. judge it yourself here:

napet slippers

So ok, footwear done.. Now shirt.

As I have always been an Arsenal Fans, I saw this:
around $55 after discount

And figured it is $55 after discount without badge instead of $255 WITH BADGE! &^%%#@$

So with the poor me of course took this $55.

Problem is... wearing this shirt. My nipple poke can be seen.

Sigh.. some chinese new year its gonna be.

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